Thanks for letting me barge in folks!

My name is John and I have the opportunity to purchase a Balcar A5000 Power Pack and three "short U" heads. I am totally unfamiliar with this equipment.

The woman selling this equipment purchased it at auction years ago. I spoke with someone at Calumet Photo (service) in Chicago and they guessed the equipment to be about 25/30 years old and Balcar no longer produce such powerful units. Speedotron is the only outfit that comes close. He went on to say that most parts are available, BUT - If a board ever fries I'm out of luck.

Can this possibly be a 5,000 w/s unit?

Is someone able to provide me any info on this equipment? I certainly would appreciate it.... What does anyone think it's worth? Will it work with my new Digital SLRs? Do the heads and/or PP have a slave trigger? I'm pretty clueless.

Thank you very much! - Ponz