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Thread: HELP E-6 4x5 in Tacoma?

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    HELP E-6 4x5 in Tacoma?

    Where do you Washington large format shooters get there film developed. On the road now with 100 exposed sheets outside Tacoma, Washington. Cant use mail, I twin check everything. Can anyone help. Paul Gill

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    Re: HELP E-6 4x5 in Tacoma?

    I don't think you'll find anyone down there, but I could be wrong. In Seattle it's now Panda-
    533 Warren Ave. N.
    Seattle, WA 98109

    Ivey, the big lab that was here for decades, just finally closed..

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    Jim Ewins
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    Re: HELP E-6 4x5 in Tacoma?

    Panda currently can't develope sheet film 4x5> either E6 or C41 but can 35mm and I think 120

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    Re: HELP E-6 4x5 in Tacoma?

    Wow how do you large format folks live up here without processing?

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    Re: HELP E-6 4x5 in Tacoma?

    I do mostly b&w or C-41 and "roll my own" in a JOBO. I bought a bunch of C41 chemicals from Rainier Photo Supply when they shut their doors.

    Commercial large format processing has pretty much bit the dust in this region....

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    Re: HELP E-6 4x5 in Tacoma?

    Since Strode McGowan decided to close their studio and lab, I don't know of anyone near Tacoma that still processes E-6. If you could ship your film, Calypso Imaging or any number of labs could handle your needs and at a reasonable price.

    Good luck.

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    Cool Re: HELP E-6 4x5 in Tacoma?

    I mail my 4x5 E6 to R&R in Spokane Color
    Shipped film on Monday UPS ground and got it back on Thurs
    Gig Harbor to Spokane

    They were recommended by Glazer's in Seattle. I just started with 4x5 and of course am concerned that E6 film and processing may really disappear.

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    Re: HELP E-6 4x5 in Tacoma?

    The Evergreen State College in Olympia WA does e6, C41 and B/W processing - for students and community members as well. Reasonable prices and usually a 24 hour turn around.

    Yup yup.

    There you go!

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