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Thread: 24 Inch Artar vs. 60cm Carl Zeiss Tessar

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    24 Inch Artar vs. 60cm Carl Zeiss Tessar

    My 24 Inch Artar was lost during the shipment on its way to get a shutter mounte d on it last week. I also have artars of 450mm and 19 inche and I like the image s they produce. I also happen to have a 60cm F:9 Carl Zeiss Tessar lens in barre l. It's big and heavy, not coated. I have never got a chance to test or use it. Now my question: Anyone out there have experiences with these two lens? How do t hey compare in performance? I shoot 8x10 B&W landscapes and contact print only. I need to make a decision as whether to get a shutter mounted on the Zeiss or g et another artar. Thanks alot!

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    24 Inch Artar vs. 60cm Carl Zeiss Tessar


    The Carl Zeiss Apo-Tessar might not be practical for your landscape work. Your Deardorff might also complain about its huge size and weight. Besides a Goerz 24" artar, you might also consider using a modern lens such as a Fujinon 600/11.5 CS, or a Doctar Apo-Germinar 600/11.5. They cost about the same $$$ as you get a 24" artar and have it mounted into a Copal #3 shutter. You might get better contrast from those two modern lenses.

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    24 Inch Artar vs. 60cm Carl Zeiss Tessar

    And now for an answer to the question: there is NO COMPARISON in performance between an Artar and a Tessar. They are completely different lenses in every way. You will find the Artar to be sharp, contrasty, COATED, apochromatic, etc, etc, etc. Bear in mind that I like the image quality of each lens, but they are dramatically different. As for Mr. Chen's comments regarding the complaints of a Deardorff when using a big heavy lens: the Deardorff is a big heavy camera and can accomodate even the bulkiest #5 shutter/big lens combination with ease.

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    24 Inch Artar vs. 60cm Carl Zeiss Tessar

    Agree with Chad. You can use your 60 cm F9 Carl Zeiss Tessar on your DearDorff. However, I'd also like to clear the confusion a little bit. First of all, I think what you have is an Apo-Tessar, not a plain Tessar in any series. Let me guess this lens weighs about 5-6 pounds? Secondly, when you use it, say at infinity, you need to have a 60 cm plus bellows extension. OK, the Deardorff is a heavy camera, but how do you know it is not complaining about the weight of this "Tessar"? You probably need a second tripod just to support the Tessar lens to stabilize the whole setup! Thirdly, I have never heard of anyone had mounted such a monster into an Ilex #5 shutter. Remember that the 24 " artar is just a baby (size-wise) compared to your Tessar. Cheers!

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