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Thread: Movements with Fuji 90/5.6

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    Movements with Fuji 90/5.6

    Does anyone have experience with using the fujinon SWD 90/5.6 (or any other large lens with 82 mm filter size) with a Linhof view camera?

    I own a Super Technika V and I am considering buying that fuji lens. Only thing that worries me is the huge rear element: if I mount the lens on a recessed lens board, will I be able to freely adjust shift/tilt?


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    Re: Movements with Fuji 90/5.6

    With a recessed lensboard on ANY 4x5 camera, you won't be able to "freely" adjust shift/tilt unless you have a bag bellows with a 90/5.6. The slower 90mm f8 lenses, having a smaller rear element would allow more movement with a standard bellows.

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    Re: Movements with Fuji 90/5.6

    I use a Fuji 90/5.6 mounted on a standard Technica lens board on my Linhof Technikardan TK45. It works well with the bag bellows. Movements are very limited with the standard bellows.

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