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Thread: Super Angulon 75/8

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    Super Angulon 75/8

    I am looking for feedback about the Super Angulon 75/8. Is the more recent SA75/ 5,6 much better?

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    Super Angulon 75/8

    With wideangle lenses the drop off in lighting toward the corners means you should ge the largest aperture available. The f:/5.6 SA is a great lens.

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    Super Angulon 75/8

    Jean-Marie, I have that lens. Outdoors it is usable with plenty of light, indoors I`ve generally found it too difficult to work with. I am replacing both my 75/8 and 90/8 with the new 80mm. For my needs that seems like a good idea, hope it works out.

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    Super Angulon 75/8

    Generally the lenses look alike but the use of the f8 is complicated not only indoors but also if your camera uses the most common types of ground glass, in the end you'll end up guessing the focus rather than choosing it relying more on the aperture than anything else, if possible go spend the extra buck for it!BTW the 72mmXL is a better option (more movements) Good Luck!

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    Super Angulon 75/8

    Many thanks for your feedback. I understand that I need to consider a more expensive solution.

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    Super Angulon 75/8

    Hello Jean Marie

    Take a look at: 5.6/75 super angulon SN:11565926 garantie 6 mois 4820.00 francs


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