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Thread: Consequences of Fatali incident

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    Consequences of Fatali incident

    Some of you have expressed disappointment over the deletion of the thread "Fatali, View Camera, and disgust", which generated close to 50 answers (the record so far, what does this say about the LF forum ?). I felt that this thread started with an artificial controversy because it was assumed that Steve Simmons was aware of the incident while he actually was not, and degenerated into litigious and personal attacks (which are not permitted by the forum's charter). I do feel that many of the points debated in this thread were of importance to us, but the problem is that when posters begin to attack each other, if you selectively delete postings, you incur the risk of being unfair to some participants or making the thread a mess to follow.

    Some of these points include: the responsability of mags and what gets published, ethics in nature photography, what actually happens to the Delicate Arch site, the damage done to photography in the National Parks, legal issues such as access restrictions or charges against Fatali, etc.. Feel free to post your opinions on those topics, but since they are more sensitive and emotional than the superiority of Boss screens over Fresnels, please be very careful with your words.

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    Consequences of Fatali incident

    Without trying to sound cynical, but I'd say Fatali has received lots of free publicity here! I will have to inspect the burn marks myself before making any judgement on the matter...

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    Consequences of Fatali incident

    The Fatali incident demonstrates the "power" of a photograph to raise emotions, concerns, points of view, et al. No other medium other than the pen has historically demonstated this ability--not disregarding the internet. One only has to look at the broad History of Photography, worldwide, to see the impact a specific photo has had on society.

    Is it precisely this ability which perhaps draws some of us to photography?????

    At this point, I have not formulated an opinion but am studying the issues raised.

    an observer, with respect,

    Raymond A. Bleesz

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    Consequences of Fatali incident

    Dan, you are directly on target. Well said.

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    Consequences of Fatali incident

    That was nicely said, Dan!

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    Consequences of Fatali incident


    You seem to have covered all the bases for what should be done to understand what truly happened. However, I disagreed in the past and still do that we are missing the point!!!!

    Breaking the law where it doesn't impact other people is a "mistake". Breaking the law where it damages a natural wonder (regardless of your perspective on how it is used in the state for political reasons) is more than that. It is your approach to life, your comment on responsibility, it is your character!! That is the piece that is disturbing because if you have it in you to do it in the first place, then it will rear its ugly head again.

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    Consequences of Fatali incident

    At least now we know why the Anasazi et al. left the area: they made the same fatal Fatali error- making fires where they shouldn't. And the're gone, forever.

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    Consequences of Fatali incident

    Dan, I largely agree with you, but with one exception. Your attempt to compare Fatali's actions with jaywalking or speeding tends to trivialize the issue. Fortunately the NPS didn't overreact, but they could have banned LF photography or required tripod permits, etc. In other words, this had the potential to have long-lasting impact, and for that reason I feel it was a reckless act, not just a trivial mistake.

    By the way, I took a workshop from Fatali six years ago because I admired and respected his photography, and that hasn't changed. .

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    Consequences of Fatali incident

    Dan Smith wrote:

    "...As for Steve Simmons & Veiw Camera magazine. I have absolutely NO problem with his featuring the images of one of the premier Large Format photographers of today in his magazine. I bet he follows up, now that he knows there was a controversy, with an interview with Michael. I doubt either of them will duck the issue."

    I sent the following email to Steve Simmons:

    "Dear Steve,

    By this time I suppose you have received allot of mail on the Fatali piece in the last issue of View Camera. So I'll keep it short. Anyone can make a mistake. Mike made a really big one. He should have said something about it in the article. He _does not_ use only natural light; the Delicate Arch incident proves it. At the very least he should have admitted he did something very wrong and let the readership in on whatever he is doing to put things right. I don't think he should be sanctioned -- at least not forever. But he is really the only one who can put this thing to rest -- he ought to give his side of the story and answer some questions.

    Jason Kefover"

    Steve sent the following reply to me:

    "It looks like the photos he sent to us were all available light.

    steve simmons"

    Jason Kefover

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    Consequences of Fatali incident

    Steve Simmons said:

    "It looks like the photos he sent to us were all available light."

    Notice the phrase "looks like". Can you be sure that no artificial light was used in the submitted photographs? Did you ask Fatali point-blank? Did he respond? Therein lies the problem!

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