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Thread: Threats=Bans

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    Re: Threats=Bans

    The idea of a 30 day ban sounds more reasonable than a permanent one. I think everyone on this forum falls into artistic/creative type, and we tend to be passionate. Sometimes we take too far and become jerks who can cross the line. We all have our bad moments. 30 days is a decent penance. Anyone who returns with their head held low should understand to watch their mouth. Perhaps a two or three strikes rule? But then some people are just jerks to begin with.

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    Re: Threats=Bans

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian K View Post
    Seriously though, making threats, or even getting abusive in pm's or emails should have zero tolerance for everyone. If someone is so disturbed as to wish harm, especially physical harm to anyone here, then they simply don't belong here.

    Throwing a temper tantrum or falling into the heat of the moment in a discussion is one thing and 30-day cool-off is a good measure for washing a dirty mouth.

    Making deliberate threats is something else entirely. This is a discussion forum, for Heaven's sake, not WWF! Those unwilling or incapable of noticing the difference should be shown the door.

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    Re: Threats=Bans

    Quote Originally Posted by Robbie Shymanski View Post
    I think everyone on this forum falls into artistic/creative type, and we tend to be passionate.
    I agree with you Robbie that we are probably a passionate bunch, but I also feel we are probably more intelligent than the average artistic type that I knew in art school. I think threats should equal termination.

    While I have not always agreed with Kirk on everything, the thought of loosing him from our resource bank would make me cry.

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    Re: Threats=Bans

    zero tolerance

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    Re: Threats=Bans

    In the interests of deepening the discussion and maximizing participation in a matter as serious as this, would the Moderating team consider asking the membership to take part in a Vote to decide the appropriate coarse of action to be taken with this sort of behavior in the future?



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    Re: Threats=Bans

    I simply think, that you should take care of your private emails with others privately and not to take it on us all.
    When someone tries to pressure changes in forum business by intimidation from outside of the forum. IMO it becomes forum business.

    Good place to end this. The points made. I appreciate everyones thoughts pro and con. Lets look forward.

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