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Thread: Schneiderlens/ 105mm filter question

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    Schneiderlens/ 105mm filter question

    I have just received a Schneider S Symmar 300mm/5.6. I plan to use on a Wisner 4x5 field.
    My filter system is Lee and am quite satisfied with it and really don't want to change. Just ordered a 105mm adapter to fit the Lee holder of 100mm..$120. later ouch!!
    My consern now is, the loss of movement by reducing down and how much if any? Does anyone see any issue with this set up or anything I should be looking for whilst I am first shooting this beast....
    Any thoughts or ideas greatly appreciated...Mark

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    Re: Schneiderlens/ 105mm filter question

    Mark, I use gels on mine, on the rear generally. The 360 is worse, filter size wise.

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