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Thread: View Camera Magazine suggestions?

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    View Camera Magazine suggestions?

    (I'm taking the liberty of starting a new thread in case folks don't see the thread that spawned this discussion.)

    A ways down in the thread below on Michael Fatali, Steve Simmons, editor of View Camera magazine, generously offered the following:

    "I am very open to hearing suggestions as to the types of articles people would like to see in View Camera. Just keep in mind the following:

    --We can't do just b&w landscape photography

    --There are just so many ways to do film graphs

    --I would prefer not to repeat articles we have done in the past. We have many readers who have been subscribers from the beginning and I do not feel it is fair to them to give them the same article again. Now, what would yu like to see in future issues???"

    On behalf of others in this forum, allow me to thank Mr. Simmons for keeping his cool after reading the thread on Mr. Fatali--and for gracefully giving us this opportunity.

    Suggestions for View Camera?


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    View Camera Magazine suggestions?

    I haven't seen the current issue yet, but has VC done a feature on Andreas Gursky yet? I think he's doing some things that are intrinsically large format.

    I think VC did a great thing by publishing Michael Smith's pieces on Azo. I am sure those articles have contributed substantially to keeping it around at least for the moment. They were free publicity for Kodak and informative for readers. Given the rate at which materials seem to be disappearing, maybe there ought to be a regular column that makes the case for why these films and papers should stick around, or perhaps why new materials ought to be made available in large format.

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    View Camera Magazine suggestions?

    There are two large format photographers of note who, I believe, have not been profiled in View Camera. One of them is the American-Israeli photographer, Neil Folberg, who has produced stunning books on the Sinai desert and synagogues of the world. Another is Edward Burtynsky, a Toronto photographer who is Canada's, and one of the world's, leading (colour) photographer of the industrial landscape. I would also be interested in an article that discusses the lighting techniques and choice of film and chemistry of Yousuf Karsh, who achieved such a distinctive look in his best known portrait photography of the 1940s through the 1970s.

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    View Camera Magazine suggestions?

    The recent issue devoted to architectural photography was great. Also liked the article on Richard Nickel in the current issue. I'd like to see more interior and exterior LF work in colour, if possible. How about Norman McGrath?

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    View Camera Magazine suggestions?

    I would love to see an issue on either Michael McKenna, or his up-and- coming assistant, Rolfe Horn.

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    View Camera Magazine suggestions?

    As far as a photographer profile, I would like to see one on Patricia Richardson, Plano, TX. She is an outstanding environmental portraitist with an impressive resume. Technically speaking, I think continued concentration on alternative processing (not just Pt/Pd - thanks) will not only encourage newcomers to the disciplines but will serve to reaffirm that masochism is indeed alive and well amongst large format (as if that wasn't enough) enthusiasts.

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    View Camera Magazine suggestions?

    A few off-the-cuff remarks regarding VC magazine: (1) Unfortunately, it's the only LF camera periodical; without it we would be in the dark. (2) A picture is worth a thousand words and Mr. Simons might consider eliminating every thousand words and adding at least one photograph. They say that Playboy readers fall into two categories--those who read and those who look at the pictures! (3) Eliminate the "cult of personality" that afflicts typical mainstream media. I'm not particularly interested in famous photographers, their personsal biographies, or their philosophy regarding photography. If I want philosphy I'll read LensWork.


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    View Camera Magazine suggestions?

    I was a "charter" subscriber to View Camera, and have a complete set of the first 4 or 5 years of the magazine. At some point, I felt it was no longer addressing my interests. The number of technical articles fell off, to be replaced by more portfolios and interviews.

    I have recently resubscribed, though I often find myself somewhat "let down" by an issue when I receive it. I feel the magazine somehow doesn't have enough substance--I always want more of the "good stuff". But by the same token, I am cognizant of the difficulty of putting out a world-class production six times per year. I have noticed from the earliest issues that the magazine is poorly proofed--there is some typo, misspelling, or incorrect usage in almost every issue. [March/April 2001, page 61: "Humidity still plays a roll..."]

    I'd like to see some articles on large format pinhole photography and infrared photography, more excellent alternative process articles (like Sullivan on Ziatype Printing), and more technical articles.

    On the whole, I think Steve Simmons is doing us all a great favor by publishing View Camera, and I don't think he's making any money on it, so it is really a labor of love.

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    View Camera Magazine suggestions?

    With the recent demise of more lf film, perhaps this publication could use it's clout to badger the film makers about what we lf film users can expect to lose and / or gain in the near future.

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    View Camera Magazine suggestions?

    First I would like to thank Mr. Simmons for a first rate resource. I was really upset with myself when I failed to send in my renewal (don't ask)and missed the last issue. Thankfully the new issue showed up yesterday.

    I myself would love to see more articles on still life studio techniques, lighting, composition, and special effects, close-up and macro work, an article on old lenses and the results one can expect might be nice, and more hard core technical articles like the one last year spelling out how to mix and use T-Max developer. The T-Max article alone has saved me enough to cover my subscription this year!

    Thanks again,

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