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Thread: Emulsion Magazine

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    Re: Emulsion Magazine

    At first I defended them about everything, but now... their website is still up and you can still pay for a subscription via PayPal. And they haven't published an issue in years....

    Whatever the circumstances surrounding the death of Emulsion are irrelevant. They tried it, Aggie got very sick, it failed. OK. Take down the website or at least take down the paypal links on the subscription page!

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    Re: Emulsion Magazine

    Aggie posted publicly on Roteague's great forum,

    Quote Originally Posted by Aggie
    Back late summer 2007 I started having major pain attacks that would stop an elephant. Oct. 3rd they removed my gall bladder. Oct. 10 the stump part of the bile duct that was clipped off blew out. That was the start of the nightmare. I spent a month in the hospital with 4 more surgeries to try and repair the damage. Then I was moved to rehab. In Feb. I once again found myself in the hospital with the site that was supposedly fixed, leaking. Months have passed with each day a new adventure as to how much pain I will be in. Finally mid Dec. the big attacks started again. With those attaacks they are now able to see where else the problems are in the liver that needs to be fixed. If it can't I'm looking at a liver transplant. The watch is on, and more needles MRCP's and drugs have started. One thing I did do was when I was in rehab I was pushed to do some occupational therapy. Which means get out of bed and do something other than watch TV. I had my camera there, and documented my recovery. No I haven't gotten them developed yet, but there is one shot that still has my Dr's shaking their heads. It was the shot of me nude in the hospital bed (strategically drapped) all the french impressionists painting of reclineing nude. This one is titled reclineing nude with drain. It was one of the drains attached to my tummy. My general doc has a placed cleared in his office to hang his coppy when I get it developed and printed. In time. Right now it is just surviving and celebrating the good days. Oh and also the clips were left in me, and they found that is also causing trouble with me moving. DUH!!!! Those will be coming out.

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    Re: Emulsion Magazine

    Lots of excuses - but no money paid back?
    Since Germs and Jesus are everywhere, wash your hands and say your prayers.

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