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Thread: post your Architecture photographs!

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    Re: post your Architecture photographs!

    Greg- I've struggled a bit with that issue since 1981 or so, and I've lost a a few images to it. Luckily, never for a paying client. And I've been using a 90/8 Nikkor-SW for many years, and it's not that lens. It really is about having the back vertical; camera levels may not be accurate, and it's hard to see on a 4x5 groundglass. I've long carried a small 'torpedo' level for critical adjustments.
    Of course I have a box full of prints of Rochesterian urban landscapes; most have never been digitized though. You can see some of them in my book "A Closer Look", still visible (and available) on Blurb.
    Downtown Rochester has changed quite a bit since I moved away ten years ago. I hesitate to give much advice about subjects, but here are two possibles.
    1) A view of the (now-closed) Kodak Hawkeye plant, from Maplewood Park across the river. I worked in that building for 25 years.
    2) the giant Southeast Wall of Kodak Park, at Ridge Rd. West and Lake Avenue. EK's film manufacturing is still in those buildings.
    Best of luck, I hope to see more of your work.

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    Re: post your Architecture photographs!

    Have you measured the top & bottom? On my computer monitor, although it looks a smidge wider at the top, with a ruler I can't see it, although I'm having a hard time seeing where the building corners are.

    I have a 5" bubble level that I bought at a hardware store that I always use to level the back. Even then, occasionally a tall building will look to me like it has convergence, even if it's very close to correct. I also think that the human mind is so accustomed to seeing convergence on tall buildings that a tiny mistake makes it look worse than it is. Tall buildings without convergence, can look very domineering, and my mind doesn't work well when presented with either people or buildings that feel that way. :-)

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    Re: post your Architecture photographs!

    My first effort with my 90mm Fuji SW for its intended purpose today, had so much fun with movements.
    I use a small spirit level, the size of a deck of playing cards I suppose, and I think I just missed level here. I might get a geared head for more precise adjustments.

    Anyway, I love this pic, despite its flaws, and I'm keen to do many more like it. I work right across the road from it
    The building is listed on the Union of International Architects heritage register and its one of my very favourites.,_Belconnen

    Horseman L45, Fujinon SW 90mm @ F/32, 1/2sec, Ilford Ortho Plus, Rodinal 1+50 15mins.

    Cameron building stairs corner
    by J P, on Flickr
    Horseman L45 Mamiya Press Olympus OM2n 35RC Pen EE2 Canon EOS 1N

    Home develop, scan, print and sometimes enlarge

    Flickr Jahn Pahwa

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    Re: post your Architecture photographs!

    2021-10-12 Sh100TX in DDX 1+9 11 min 120 C004 Forest 40 Film 30 Ragwarm 5 web 766x1004 by Yuriy Sanin, on Flickr
    Wista SP 4x5, Symmar 135/5.6@22.

    Shanghai GP3 in Ilford Ilfotec DD-X 1+9 11 min.

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    Re: post your Architecture photographs!


    Quote Originally Posted by orgraph View Post
    2021-10-12 Sh100TX in DDX 1+9 11 min 120 C004 Forest 40 Film 30 Ragwarm 5 web 766x1004 by Yuriy Sanin, on Flickr
    Wista SP 4x5, Symmar 135/5.6@22.

    Shanghai GP3 in Ilford Ilfotec DD-X 1+9 11 min.

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    Re: post your Architecture photographs!

    Mono County Courthouse (1880) - Bridgeport, California

    Italianate-style. Toyo 45AX w/90mm Grandagon F4.5. Fuji Acros.


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