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Thread: Best 90 mm

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    Best 90 mm

    I am considering buying a 90 mm lens for 4x5 format. I doubt between the SW Nikon f8 and the Rodenstock Grandagon f6.8. My main concern is the resolving power. Has anyone performed any test of them ?

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    Best 90 mm

    The weak link will be your film plane accuracy.

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    Best 90 mm

    Javier, Check the archives under lens tests. Both are excellent lenses, the Nikkor alleg edly has a bigger image circle.

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    Best 90 mm

    Modern lenses from the major manufacturers,Rodenstock, Fuji, Nikon and Schneider , are all capable of resolution beyond the limiting factors of the photographer (focusing)and the equipment (film plane and film). While actual physical coating processes and manufacturing techniques among the makers remain proprietary, the y mostly affect contrast. The fondness people have for a specific brand IMHO are predicated by contrast and sometimes size or other times by what they are selli ng.

    If you are only considering modern plasmats, the manufacturer is not that critic al. I like the Nikon lenses because they are a little less expensive, but I know folks who use Fuji, Schneider and Rodenstock simultaneously simply because they purchased them used and they got a good deal on each of them. They make marvelo us images with all of them to the point where I cannot tell one lens from the ot her.

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    Best 90 mm

    The Nikon 90 F/8 has 8 elements whereas the Grandagon 90 F/6.8 has only 6 elemen ts. Nikon makes the only 90 F/8 with the 8 elements and has an image circle equ al to the faster 5.6 Nikons, Grandagons, and Schneider Super Angulons.

    The advantage for the Nikon 90 R/8 is smaller size and weight but with an image circle equal to the faster lenses (except the XL Angulons.)


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