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Thread: Exposure Record

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    Exposure Record

    Can anyone recommend a source of exposure records other than the old Zone VI not ebooks? Does anyone use a home made exposure record that they'd be willing to s hare? Thanks.

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    Exposure Record

    I went to a copy center and reduced page 265 in Ansel Adams "The Negative". I found a mid sized notebook to insert the exposure records into and it works great. Sometimes when I am backpacking, I use a mini recorder just because I have so much else going on I don't want to waste time on the unessential. I can always fill in the exposure log back at the darkroom.

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    Exposure Record

    So far the beste thing I've come accross is a small notebook of waterproof paper made by Rite In The Rain ( I just write down the necessary information with a pencil and move on. Having the waterproof paper has really come in handy at times when working in the rain, snow, or on the occasion that I periodically drop the notebook in a stream, lake, mud, etc.
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    Exposure Record

    Fred Picker devised an excellent exposure record. Calument still carries it. Not expensive either!

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    Exposure Record

    I have a homemade version, a variation on Ansel Adams', that fits four records on one letter size sheet of paper. It is in Microsoft Publisher format. If that might be useful, e-mail and I'll send a copy.


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    Exposure Record

    I have a modified negative exposure record adapted from the one in Ansel Adams' "The Negative". You can access this and various other photographers information sheets I have on my web site at: http://www.TranquilityImages.Com/tools.shtml

    They are all in Adobe's Portable Document File (PDF) format.

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    Re: Exposure Record

    I use a "Reporter's Notebook", made by Tops, sold as their catalog number 8030 (package of 12).
    It's like an old steno pad, same length but only half the width.

    My shooting jacket has an inside pocket of the right size to hold it.

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    Re: Exposure Record

    Isn't there some way to use a tablet od phone for this? something on a spread sheet.
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    Re: Exposure Record

    I'm assuming that's what "not ebooks" means. It wasn't written as clearly so I'm not sure. Even then, I'll still mention that I use the Holders app for iPhone on my iPad to keep track of exposures, notes, and what kind of development I'd prefer to use. It takes a little work to get it set up, but it's pretty easy to use out and about.
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    Re: Exposure Record

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Stanislo View Post
    Can anyone recommend a source of exposure records other than the old Zone VI not ebooks? Does anyone use a home made exposure record that they'd be willing to s hare? Thanks.
    Yes I can send you mine. It's a spread sheet that you print on A4 to get two A5 pages at a time. I guillotine these up and use a spiral binder to make up each book. You then have a choice of leaving the pages in the book, or tearing them out when filled in and keep them with the respective film holder so you can refer to it in the darkroom. These can then go with each negative for future reference. I leave them in the book.

    If you send me your email address I'll send it over as an attachment.


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