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Thread: Film holders in Cambo 45NX

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    Film holders in Cambo 45NX

    I have what I'm sure is a lame question. The Cambo 45NX i just got came with a dozen lisco film holders. On the 45NX the back has a little lever that moves th e gound glass away from the back to allow the film holder to be inserted. This lever only lifts one side? It seems tough to slide the film holder in?? The co ncern I have it with camera movements when doing this. Are there film holders t hat have a felt around them to make this sliding easier? There is felt on the c amera back, which I'm concrned will wear away with all this sliding of the plati c lisco holders. The lisco holders are the regal type.

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    Film holders in Cambo 45NX

    Joe: The lever should raise both sides of the back to make insertion easier. Something may not be working correctly. You may find that a little automotive car wax on the film holder channel will make the holders slide in easier. I have never see felt on a holder, and it would probably wear away and change the position of the film plane. The felt in the film holder channel is just there for a light trap. Check the lever or bail that lifts the back and see if something is bent or missing. Actually, the better backs are a little harder to get a film holder into. If the springs are weak, the back can leak light. Hold the back of the camera gently in place while you insert the film holder if need be.



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    Film holders in Cambo 45NX

    Its the way its made. Its not you. What I do is pull the lever out, and as I do, I put a little pressure on the bottom of the lever, or maybe the bottom left corner of the back. I don't remember right know. Then only the top opens. I insert the holder, and as I do the bottom opens to except it. There is no "bail" handle on this camera. Yes, its tight, but you want it that way. If everything is locked down, trust me, nothing will move. I called Calumet about this. And also because theres a small hole at the bottom of the back, underneath side, actually, and I thought a screw, or something was missing, causing the back to act this way. Actually, now that you remind me of this situation, which used to bug me, I might stop off at school where we used the same cameras and check out one.

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