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Thread: Compatibility SINAR P to P2

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    Compatibility SINAR P to P2

    I did some searching in older threads, but I don't feel sure because different expressions are used for parts.

    As far as I know the rear standart on P as well as P2 consists of three main parts:
    part 1: the block with moving mechanisms, directly on the rail: "rail carrier"
    part 2: the frame that is connected to the carrier, available for 4x5, 5x7 or 8x10: "bearer"
    part 3: the frame with groundglass where I put my film holder into: "frame" or "measurement frame"
    (Please correct me if I'm wrong with the naming)

    My questions:
    Does a P2 bearer (part 2) connect to a P rail carrier (part 1)?
    Does a P2 measurement frame (part 3) connect to a P bearer (part 2)?
    Are the bellows for P and P2 bearers compatible?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Compatibility SINAR P to P2

    Generally, the part that clamps to the rail is called the "standard bearer." A frame attaches to that by means of a post and a thumb screw called the "format frame," and the format frame clips to the "groundglass back" on the back and the bellows on the front.

    P and P2 parts are generally compatible, but for 8x10" there is the larger bellows size for the metering back, which I think all P2s have, but only some Ps have. The smaller 8x10" non-metering back and bellows is compatible with the 8x10" Norma format frame. I don't know if there is a similar distinction for 5x7", but I'm fairly sure the 4x5" metering and non-metering backs use the same format frame.

    There is also an 8x10"-4x5" reducing back, which I think is from the Norma era, that fits the smaller 8x10" back. I don't know that one exists for the metering back. If you want to use the asymmetric tilts and swings, it's better to have the appropriate format kit (back, frame and bellows) for the format you want to shoot, but the reducing back can come in handy for some tasks, like doing a quick 4x5" Polaroid of part of the frame for an 8x10" shot or to have some extra room for using the 4x5" sliding back.

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    Re: Compatibility SINAR P to P2

    I agree with David's comments and would only add that there is only one size of 5X7 (no special metering back size). The usual abbreviations when looking at ads and ebay is MB and NMB (meter back, non-meter back).

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