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Thread: Photo Shelter Experiences?

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    Photo Shelter Experiences?


    It's an online storage archive and indy stock photo sales e-business for professionals and serious amateurs. It sounds good...

    And they have a good blog that I've been reading:

    But I don't know anyone who actually has work with them online, so I would love to hear first hand experiences. Thanks

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    Re: Photo Shelter Experiences?

    Hi Frank,

    I am on PS. Here is my micro site

    I have posted my experiences on this thread

    All in all a good site but they have very little market penetration. I dont know anyone who has sold anything through them. Myself included. I am also not too crazy about the way they review images.
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    Re: Photo Shelter Experiences?

    I agree with Ian. PS is good for online storage, but you will need to drive your own traffic.


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    Re: Photo Shelter Experiences?

    I've got my stuff on there also:

    No sales yet, but then - I really don't have all that much stuff on there. They are just really getting started so I think time will tell how they fare against the other major agencies. The compensation for the photographer (70% of sales) is sure better than what you find at most of the major agencies.


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