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Thread: Buddhist PM Spam

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    Buddhist PM Spam

    Yesterday, we caught someone (member name = "Patricia") sending PM spam containing a Buddhist quote and a web link to a large number of members. We deleted all the PM's and banned the person, but if you got an email notification that you got a PM that doesn't exist anymore, this is the reason.

    We have seen similar activity in the past and they are usually extremely vague greetings accompanied by web links or email addresses. If you see these sorts of non-specific PMs from new members, please contact the Mods via the Contact Us link at the bottom of all pages. Include the text of the PM and the senders member name. Please do not click on the web links included in these spams since its possible they often point to malicious web sites that can infect your computer with various types of malware.

    To help prevent this sort of thing in the future, we've blocked access for new members (less than 5 legit posts or have been members for less than 30 days) to the Member list.

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    Re: Buddhist PM Spam

    Sounds like the same spam that some of us got over on not too long ago.

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    Re: Buddhist PM Spam

    Thank you for your quick action. I received that notification of a private message. Also thank you for letting us know what had happened.

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    Re: Buddhist PM Spam

    Something similar happened on a few months ago.

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    Re: Buddhist PM Spam

    Thanks, I'll be one watch for this one as well.

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    Re: Buddhist PM Spam

    Yes, THANKS for looking out for members' interests in this way. I got a notification, too, and was just wondering where the message went. Good on ya, Tom!

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