Two workshop announcements: Iceland and Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Workshop in Iceland: The dates have been changed to July 11-21. There are still a few places available. Here is the link.

Unexpectedly, our schedule has freed up and on May 23-25 we will be conducting a Vision and Technique Workshop at our home/studio in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We have not held a workshop here since 2006. Here is the link.

Our goal is to make our Vision and Technique Workshop so complete that it will be the last workshop of its type that you will ever need. The purpose of this workshop is to help you make better photographs, and through doing that, to experience personal growth. And if you already make beautiful photographs, but find that you donít do so consistently, then this workshop is for you.

Even though this is only a weekend workshop, everything will be covered including developing film by inspection, printing, and proper use of the camera in a way that encourages creative vision. All technical matters will be discussed as a function of vision. Our workshops are intense. Our objective is to help you develop your skills and give you the tools to make the best photographs you possibly can. We will try to teach you everything we know about the fine art of black and white photography, both visually and technically. We have no secrets.

A few comments about our workshops:
"I truly enjoyed your workshop. The experience expanded my perspective and I have not felt this level of excitement since I started in photography. The best workshop of the dozen that I have attended."

"I must say that your seminar was the best investment I have made since I bought my first shares of GE a long time ago. Not a day goes by that I do not put to use some of the vast knowledge base I learned."

We limit the workshop to only 8 attendees so please let us know by return email of you plan to attend.