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    Long Lenses Etc

    I have a 9.5 inch Gold Dot Dagor in an Ilex that I'm running on an Ansco 5x7. I'm told it will cover an 8x10 OK (does this sound right?). I'm looking for either a good 21" Dagor (will this cover an 8x10 when I upgrade?) or some or other triple convertable lens. Can I get by with a barrel shutter? And just what is a barrel shutter? How good are these convertable lenses, and are they at all easy to come by? (I've been haphazardly looking for a 21" for a couple of years; I've never come across one in Toronto (I live near there), I came across a 19" in Chicago, I expect I'll have to go to New York to get the 21". Any suggestions? I had read somewhere that Andreas Fenninger built himself a really long lens -- have you ever come across any literature on this subject?

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    Long Lenses Etc

    according to the data on the site, the 9.5 inch Gold Dot Dagor has an image circle of 336 and therefore covers 8x10 (with almost no movements). A 21" Dagor would have plenty of coverage for 8x10. There is no such thing as a "barrel shutter". Lenses come either in barrel or in shutter. The fact that there is no shutter makes them impossible to use them at speeds faster than a few seconds (unless the camera has a focal plane shutter). I've heard that these convertible lenses are ok if you don't convert them. you don't have to go to ny (or anywhere) if you mail-order. there are quite a few reliable used dealer out there.

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