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Thread: Is there a 5x7 changing bag ?

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    Re: Is there a 5x7 changing bag ?

    I have been using the generic changing bag I bought from Calumet and I load 6 5x7 holders at a time. I haven't had any problem regarding space within the bag.

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    Re: Is there a 5x7 changing bag ?

    Probably overkill, but you might like a Fuji darkbox FDB12. They show up on ebay (like item # 160221252366) once in awhile or can be purchased new (I hear) from minilab equipment suppliers. You could probably do 11x14 in them.

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    Re: Is there a 5x7 changing bag ?

    I have been using the Harrison Jumbo for 8x10 and 4x5 for a few years. It works best on top of a double or queen size bed. Just pull up the chair found in every motel room next to the bed and go to work.

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    Re: Is there a 5x7 changing bag ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jan Pedersen View Post
    Have been thinking about buying this mid size Harrison for 8x10 Would you recomend the Jumbo instead?
    width and depth, it's fine. The height is a little bit tight. when you flip over the holder, or the dark slide, the lack of height in the tent becomes apparent, but it works. I only have 4 holders, so that's the largest amount of 8x10 holders I've changed in there, I don't feel the need to get something larger.

    If the jumbo tent isn't any taller than the medium, I would say that it wouldn't be any better than the medium, unless you have stacks of holders you'll be changing all at once and need more place to stack them inside.
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    Re: Is there a 5x7 changing bag ?

    When I want to go light, I use a changing bag sized specifically for 5x7 that I bought years ago from Adorama for cheap.

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    Re: Is there a 5x7 changing bag ?

    I bought a large changing bag (I'm not sure from where, as it was a few years ago) that's about 36" x 44". I was able to use it for 8x10 in a pinch, but it was tight and careful planning was necessary. For anything smaller, it's great. The biggest downside was that the changing bag was bulky. It took up an inordinate amount of room in my pack.

    I now use the standard Harrison changing tent, and it's working fine for me up to 8x10. There's not a huge amount of room in the standard tent for 8x10, but it works fine. It's very roomy with smaller sizes. As Daniel says, the height of the standard tent is the most restrictive dimension. The size of the Harrison tent when it's packed was a very pleasant surprise. Very convenient.

    Best of luck.

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    Re: Is there a 5x7 changing bag ?

    Porter's (the photography "Wally World") has a $100 changing tent which should be big enough to handle a small number of 5x7 holders.

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