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Thread: Best camera for 8x10 landscapes?

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    Best camera for 8x10 landscapes?

    I am new to large format photo, stepping up from 35mm. I am interested in shoot ing landscape scenes, is there some cameras out there better than others for thi s type of photography. It seems the precision in some of the more expensive mod els is not so necessary for landscapes? Is this true? Any input would be great ly appreciatied. Thank you.

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    Best camera for 8x10 landscapes?


    Are you really lookingto step up from 35mm to 8x10? That isa couple of quantum l eaps in terms of technique (LF requires lots of patience, gear is much bulkier a nd can be heavier,) even the way you think about making pictures is very differe nt. I would suggest that rather than focus on gear right now, you work at educat ing yourself first by taking a workshop through an organization like the Santa F e Photo Workshops, View Camera Magazine, or Arizona Highways magazine. Equipment wise i would invest more heavily in a couple of really good lenses, a really good tripod and head,a polaroid back and not so much on a camera body. Th at way if working in LF agrees with you will have made the really important qual ity purchases and can upgrade to a better body later. The price difference betwe en an okay lens and a really good lens is much less than the difference between a starter body (like the Calumet Cadet) and a high end body like an Arca, a Sina r, a Canham (the DLC is my favorite landscape camera right now) a Wisner, a Hors eman, a Toyo or a Linhof (to name just a few.) Also find a good dealer in your c ountry or your part of the country.

    Good luck and remember the lenses are the important thing.

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    Best camera for 8x10 landscapes?

    I agree with Ellis, that's quite a jump in formats.

    You said you want to shoot landscapes. Are you planning on doing any hiking or backpacking to get to those landscapes? If so, I would seriously reconsider you r decision to go with 8X10. Why not 4X5? More compact, lighter, greater depth of field for equivalent focal lengths (the normal for the 4X5 is a 150, for the 8X10 I believe it is a 300), etc. Take into consideration the cost of a sheet o f film and it's processing when comparing the formats also.

    As previously mentioned the lenses are ultimately more important. Spend your mon ey there.

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    Best camera for 8x10 landscapes?

    I vote for 4x5 also, at least if you want to stick with it. I recommend a field version in either format for landscape stuff.

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    Best camera for 8x10 landscapes?

    One thing none us have mentioned so far is that is far cheaper (and a lot less b ulkier) to shoot 4x5 polaroid than 8x10. While you might not want to shoot P'roi d in the field. It is an excellent teaching tool. So much so that I notice the u pcoming Arizona Highways Grand Canyon Large Format landscape seminar being taugh t by Jack Dykinga is using Polaroid as the teaching medium. Polaroid lets you ju dge the effect of light, composition, and camera movements immediately.

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    Best camera for 8x10 landscapes?

    I say, if you want to shoot 8 x 10, go for it! For a justification of 8 x 10 co mpared to 4 x 5, see the Toyo forum, specifically^12443@.ee6c54a

    Another big advantage is the lack of a need for an enlarger. As for your specif ic question, the Wisner Traditional L is of high quality, light weight (11 pound s), and reasonable price ($2595). Good luck!

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    Best camera for 8x10 landscapes?

    I am a great fan of polaroids in the field, i love using 665 film for my hassy. Its so much fun to see the polaroid and the negative 1 minute after exposure!! N ow thats as close to affording a digital scanning back as im going to get for no w

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    Best camera for 8x10 landscapes?

    Go for it! But be prepared for a lot of failures, especially in the beginning. M y favorite camera is the Deardorff. Forget about precision swings and tilts; you use the groundglass for determining all that anyway. A 10" WF Ektar is a great buy and excellent for landscapes. Don't be pressured to limit yourself to 4x5; t he difference is not only in the final print: as AA points out, there is a great difference in "seeing" with the two cameras as well. Contact prints are without compare. Like Josef Sudek, you may never want to make an enlargement again.

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    Best camera for 8x10 landscapes?

    I'm wondering if maybe the "8x10" refers to print size instead of format. 8x10 i s a pretty standard print size for 35mm work, and maybe Bill is looking for a hi gher quality 8x10 print. Just a thought.

    Take care, Chris

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    Best camera for 8x10 landscapes?

    Chris, You should be an attorney! Are you?


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