For those interested in fashion photography, there's an exhibition of John Rawlings images on display at the Spoke Club.

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John Rawlings (1912-1970): Fashion Photographer
March 6th 2008, 6-8pm – May 12th 2008.

Tatar Gallery presents iconic fashion photographs by photographer John Rawlings, opening March 6th at the Spoke Club from 6-8pm.

In 1936, John Rawlings began a working partnership with Vogue Magazine, which would last three decades and result in the creation of ground-breaking fashion photography. Tatar Gallery is pleased to present the first major Canadian exhibition of Rawlings’ work. The exhibition features photographs selected from Rawlings’ 200 "Vogue" and "Glamour" Magazine covers in addition to his iconic editorial and advertising campaigns.

Rawlings began his career as an apprentice to legendary Vogue photographers Horst P. Horst and Cecil Beaton but quickly established a name for himself with his intuitive signature style. Early on in his career, Rawlings challenged the conventions of American fashion photography by combining natural and artificial lighting outdoors. Rawlings’ photographs liberated the genre with fresh compositions and innovative approaches to image construction to form a signature visual style. These glamorous images inspired a new era in fashion photography and his influence can still be seen in the work of many contemporary photographers.

This collection of work spans Rawlings’ career in the 40s, 50s, and 60’s and features his memorable black & white images in addition to his signature colour photography. Highlights of the exhibition include Rawlings’ celebrated Vogue cover from June of 1947.

Although fashion changes from season to season, Rawlings’ vintage images continue to connect with viewers. Tatar Gallery is excited to bring to light the work of a photographer whose successful and influential career in fashion photography has been under exhibited in the art world.