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Thread: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

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    Re: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

    kshaub103, the service manual says this about your error:

    1102 Scanner initialization error: Left cover is open.
    Remedy: Close the left cover and reset the scanner

    Are you sure it's closed and properly in place? otherwise take a look in the service manual. There is a lock switch for the cover. If it doesn't make contact or if it's not engaged when the cover is closed, it will give this error.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

    Thanks Peter! I'll try to contact him

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    Re: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

    Thanks Patrick, appreciated

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    Re: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

    Hi Patrick . . Sorry for the late reply . . . It is interesting that you say that the image is clearer towards the middle of the tray . . i.e. different at the edges.
    One of the things that happens is that the white bearings around the lamp housing are called the 'A' and 'B' bearings . . . (from memory . . )
    If these are not checked/corrected the tray can kind of 'topple as it goes from left to right.
    An easy check is to watch the white bearing, about half way along the tray, as the tray moves this bearing should be rotating until about 100mm from the end onf travel. . . Equally on its return, it should start rotating at about the same area. (A permanent pen mark on the white bearing makes it easy to detect.
    If this is a problem, let meknow and I will try and post an adjustment procedure . . . ;-)
    Regards, Tony

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    Re: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

    . . . following on . . .There are only 11 actual resolutions that do not get interpolated . . . !!
    But this is not relative to your problem, as you have been working fine before . . . ;-)
    BR, Tony

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    Re: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

    Hi Tony no worries, thanks so much for replying!

    What I mean with that the image seems to be clearer towards the middle, is width-wise. where I place it length-wise doesn't make a difference.
    So if I place a strip of film at the back of the scanner or at the front, the image is more blurry and jagged than when I place it in the middle. I have uploaded some images to show what I'm seeing on the previous pages.

    Regardless of placement, scans on higher resolutions are blurred, but the issue is getting worse and is now also clearly visible on 4000spi as well.
    If you want, I can send you a full scan so that you can see what it looks like. it's extremely frustrating because it was so super sharp before

    I will check the bearing though to see what it does Thanks again!

    Br, Patrick

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    Re: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

    Hi all,

    First of all a happy new year to you!

    It took a bit longer to return because of an eye infection, but I am finally back.

    Tony, I checked the bearing and it's working just fine without any issues. I still have the same issue and I really suspect the rails as per my previous comments.
    Is it true that for lower resolutions, the lens/scanning unit doesn't need to move? Do you know perhaps a procedure to lubricate the rails and what should I use for them? On the rails of the white nylon pads, there are some remains from a thick yellowed residue from a lubricant.

    Hope you can shed some light on this.

    Br, Patrick

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    Re: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

    On another note, has anyone any experience with scanning cross processed slides on the Cezanne?

    I know that consumer scanners cannot scan them properly (I tried it with an Epson v850). But is it possible with the Cezanne? And if so, are there any settings that should make it scan them properly?

    I tried it, but it still produces a washed out scan that I need to tweak in Photoshop.
    Whereas when I take a digital photo of a negative and invert it, the colors are vibrant and how I would expect them.
    With a drum scanner I get the same vibrant colors, so I don't need to tweak them.

    Br, Patrick

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    Re: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

    Scan as a positive and invert...there's no difference in what the scanner "sees" over your digital photo. My assumption is you were using one of the negative film profiles?
    Bryan | Blog | YouTube | Instagram
    All comments and thoughtful critique welcome

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    Re: Screen Cezanne Users Unite

    Hi Corran,

    Thanks! That's what I do, scan as a positive and then invert, but it's just not the same.
    I know that with other flatbeds they cannot capture all the color, because the color goes out of whack when you cross process slides, but I was hoping that with the Cezanne it was actually possible to capture it.

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