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Thread: My Son is Going to Japan and a T-shirt

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    My Son is Going to Japan and a T-shirt

    is not all I want him to bring me back! I was wondering if it would be cheaper to buy a Fuji 600 CS lens there than here (what cost approx. in $US?) and what stores could I contact. I would pay for it from here (West of the Humber, Etobicoke) and my son would either pick it up (if his school trip itinerary allows) or I'd have it sent to the hotel he'll be staying at (if they agree). Any advice appreciated!

    -Richard K.

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    Re: My Son is Going to Japan and a T-shirt

    I can't find 600mm fujinon, but this shop has some fujinon lenses. You could figure out the price level from other lenses.

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    Re: My Son is Going to Japan and a T-shirt

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard K. View Post
    ...a Fuji 600 CS lens there than here (what cost approx. in $US?)...


    but currently out-of-stock at both.

    *Upon re-reading the original post, I suspect Richard is looking for the cost in a Japanese shop converted to $US, not prices local to him in North America. I can't help with that, but will leave this post in place for reference anyway.

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    Re: My Son is Going to Japan and a T-shirt

    Considering the dismal state of the US Currency things are probably different today (worse) than they were last time I was in Japan but, it used to be the case that the domestic sales of Japanese consumer electronics (and the like) subsidized export sales. That is, things always cost more there than they did here in the US.

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    Re: My Son is Going to Japan and a T-shirt

    I will second Brad's comment. When I was traveling for work a few years back, electronic goods were never cheaper in Asia than the US. I was visiting Singapore and flying through Tokyo. Usually Asian prices are more than US prices though I have heard occasionally of cheap electronics in Hong Kong.

    Buy your lens from a US or Canadian dealer and I think you'll be better off.

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    Re: My Son is Going to Japan and a T-shirt


    Since you're located in Toronto... why don't you check with Rob Skeoch - located in Burlington, Ontario.

    He's a member of this forum and can be reached through his website:

    I'm sure he'd be happy to help out if he can... he's a Fuji dealer as well.

    Life in the fast lane!

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    Re: My Son is Going to Japan and a T-shirt

    I just bought one in Tokyo at the Shinjuku Yodobashi less than two months ago for a ULF camera I am about to order. The price at the time was 145,000 yen. Which at today's exchange rate is about $1355.00. Its not that much cheaper than Badger Graphic or MPX is selling them for, especially now the the dollar as dropped by 20 percent over the last several months.

    Fuji has just finished a production run on all there current lenses, and it was in stock as of several weeks ago, along with all there other lenses.

    Hope it helps.


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    Re: My Son is Going to Japan and a T-shirt

    It looks like so. Some shops in Japan re-import Japanese cameras back to Japan and sell.

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    Re: My Son is Going to Japan and a T-shirt

    The dollar rate is unfavourable for you right now. Generally the selection and availability is much richer in Japan and that for me is the primary argument to buy in Japan i.e. you cannot get it elsewhere. Also it is a hassle factor of sending someone round to shops he a) has no subject matter knowledge b) cannot communicate with shop staff. And if something should go wrong - there is always the possibility - what are you going to do, fly back to Japan for a warranty issue?

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    Re: My Son is Going to Japan and a T-shirt

    Yodobashi camera in Shinjuku, Tokyo has the best LF selection anywhere.

    Bring your passport to get 5% off, or even better make a point card and you can get 10% of your purchase as store credit that you can use immediately on other purchases (a 2nd lens, accessories, whatever).
    They always have english-speaking staff as well!

    Happy travelling!

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