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Thread: Canham MQC57 and Fujinon 600mm compact

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    Canham MQC57 and Fujinon 600mm compact

    Does anyone have any firsthand experience using the Canham MQC57 with the Fujinon 600mm/11.5 compact? I'm wondering if the Canham has enough bellows to work with that lens in real world situations. The lens will be used for backcountry scenics with some rise and forward tilt.

    The max extension of the Canham is 610mm and the flange focal distance of the Fuji is 573mm, which gives 37mm of extension past infinity. If I did my math right, that gives a minimum focusing distance of about 34 ft, which makes the lens usable for most of the kinds of scenes I anticipate using it for provided I'm careful to crop out the near foreground. But movements will use up some bellows, so it's not totally clear.

    I've happily used Fuji 450mm with an DLC45 for several years and have found the DLC45 sufficiently sturdy for that lens even at full extension. However, the 600m is 10oz heavier than the 450mm and has a Copal 3 shutter which, one assumes, produces more vibration. Has anyone had any stiffness problems with the MQC57 at full extension?


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    Re: Canham MQC57 and Fujinon 600mm compact

    Have you looked at the AWB Wind Stabilizer? It is designed to add support which holds the tops of the standards rigid. Based on my experience with the DLC, this might be a particular problem with the MQC at full extension.

    Based on my very limited experience with the Wind Stabilizer, it must be removed before folding the camera and I'm not sure how it would attach to the metal camera, but it might be worth a look.

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    Re: Canham MQC57 and Fujinon 600mm compact

    Thanks, hmf. I wasn't familiar with the AWB Wind Stabilizer before, and it certainly looks like an interesting accessory.

    What I'm looking for now is some reconnaissance about whether such an accessory might be necessary without having to buy the lens to find out. And also if the camera doesn't have enough extension to focus the lens then the point is moot anyway.


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