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Thread: From Springfield MO. Hello

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    From Springfield MO. Hello

    I'm from springfield MO. I have used this sight for several years but haven't commented but one other time.I do all formats from 35mm to 4x5, including digital. It's all great. I have done it for 35years off and on, from a wedding bussiness to just pure pleasure. Which is why I do it now. I like to photograph by myself as a rule, but would like to know if there might be some other lf photogs in the area that I could meet, say over coffee or a cold beer. I like to response you get when you post on this forum.Alot of great info. I am glad this forum is here. Thanks James O. Kenney

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    Re: From Springfield MO. Hello

    My old stompin' grounds. My mom lives on a bunch of land over by beautiful downtown Rondo just north of Bolivar. If you go to my website there is a whole series about my last summer vacation there. Welcome aboard.
    Michael W. Graves
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    Re: From Springfield MO. Hello

    How I do miss the midwest!!!!

    I grew up in Lawrence KS and loved every minuet of it. When I go back to visit later this fall I will be there for an extended period of time and will have my camera. Springfield is a hike, but I am used to that here in CT (to get anywhere you have to drive 50miles from one thing to the next).
    Enjoy shooting!!

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    Re: From Springfield MO. Hello

    While I live and work in Van Buren, Arkansas, my ongoing project of photographing vintage steel truss and concrete arch bridges is starting to take me into southern Missouri more and more. You might like to join my buddy and I on a bridge photography excursion around Springfield? We will have the locations already GPS identified and mapped out. I like to shoot 5x7 b/w on this project, but in general I shoot everything from 35mm to 11x14 and digital when I have to. Missouri has a lot of bridges. We average about 10 to 14 bridges a day if we can use all the winter daylight hours.

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    Re: From Springfield MO. Hello

    Welcome, James.

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