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Thread: Identification Help Please

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    Identification Help Please

    Ok, I know it's off a Graphic camera. I think I remember there being more than one model of these viewfinders and I want to be able to accurately identify this one.

    What can you tell me about it?

    Approximate value?

    Thanks very much in advance.

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    Re: Identification Help Please

    That looks like the viewfinder for either a Crown or Speed Graphic with a mask that appears to be for use with a square format roll back.

    As to value, you might look on Ebay and go to the advanced search fundtion for already complete sales for this item. I don't know how many of these might have come up without the camera, but maybe you'll get lucky.
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    Re: Identification Help Please

    There were at least two models of the tubular finder. One was for wide angle lenses. Maybe someone at can be more specific.

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    Re: Identification Help Please

    Field of view? Look through it.

    Value? Not a lot, but look at ended auctions on eBay.

    Which one? Measure its length, then find the dimensions of the three sizes of Pacemaker Graphic bodies.

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    Re: Identification Help Please

    I need one of those. What do you want for it? They generally go for 15 to 20 bucks. You can leave me a PM.

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    Re: Identification Help Please

    The last one I sold, I got $18.00 for it.


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