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Thread: Kodak 'Specialist'

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    Kodak 'Specialist'

    Hi - I have just been given a Kodak 'Specialist' 4 3/4" x 6 1/2" camera, complete with various bits and pieces, which came from the studio of a long since retired local portrait photographer. It is fitted with a Cooke wide angle anastigmat lens, f6.5 106mm Series VIIB, and appears to have no shutter. I should like to attempt using this, despite having little experience other than with an old Speed Graphic many years ago. Bellows and lens appear to be in excellent condition. Can anyone advise on where I could find help with all this? Also, is it possible to fit this lens with a shutter?


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    Re: Kodak 'Specialist'

    Hello Alex

    this is a fairly standard Kodak Monorail from memory

    the lens that you mentioned seems to me to be an odd choice for portrait wok, it's more suitable for landscape use imo. It will cost to have it shuttered and imo it's just not worth it, it is also not an overly fast lens

    there are plenty of, say 210mm shuttered lenses available on the used market - this is pretty well the standard focal length for this format and there's absolutely no reason why a 210mm lens cannot be used for portrait work

    good luck


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    Re: Kodak 'Specialist'

    There are two Kodak (UK) specialist cameras. Model 2 is a standard flat-bed view type. Model 3 is solid rail camera.

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