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Thread: 81 A vs. KR 1.5

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    81 A vs. KR 1.5

    I have been unsucessful in trying to find a 95mmm 81 A Heliopan filter; they do offer a KR 1.5. How similar are these two? Is the KR series intended as warming filters? They ( Heliopan) also offer a KR 3, but I worry that this is too "stro ng" an effect to use as a warming filter.



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    81 A vs. KR 1.5

    You might have an easier time finding a B+W (Schneinder) 81A. These are very fin e filters and like the Helio's are worth the money. The KR3 may be a bit much unless you are in the mountains on a clear day with alot of snow! Cheers, Scott

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    81 A vs. KR 1.5

    The Heliopan KR1.5 is very very similar to the Wratten 81A but the red/yellow balnce is very slightly more to the red (less cco5R) on the KR scale. A KR3 is much stronger. I love the Heliopan KR1.5 and polarizers: excellent glass and mechanical build. I don't leave home without them.

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    81 A vs. KR 1.5

    Thank you for the responses. I just called Ken Hansen to check with him and, of course, he has, make that had, a 95mm 81A Heliopan in stock.



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