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Thread: B&W film for nocturnal photography

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    B&W film for nocturnal photography

    I've been using TMY, but on the last outing I used FP-4+ and I have to say I really liked the results! The subject was considerably different that what I've used the TMY for, so I can't draw any comparison between the two (other than speed and reciprocity characteristic of course) Comparing FP-4+ to HP-5+, the grain seems less intrusive with FP-4+ but that could be my fault (I lost my lab thermometer several months ago!) but maybe not. I was wondering what the experts here regard as an optimal B&W sheet film for night photography and why? TXP? Foma? Delta? TMX? PL? What do you enjoy using?
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    Re: B&W film for nocturnal photography

    I really like Acros, mainly for it's reciprocity: no correction required up to 2 minutes! Good tonality in XTOL and good for semi-stand to control excessive contrast.

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    Re: B&W film for nocturnal photography

    To my taste, I was also very pleased with the results of FP4 developed with Rodinal 1+50.


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    Re: B&W film for nocturnal photography

    I have had very good success using Fuji Neopan 400, however this is not readily available in LF sizes. I just thought I would mention it, though for those of you who also shoot small format.

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    Re: B&W film for nocturnal photography

    John, take a look at the Announcements thread and Seasons of the Moon photographs of Yaakov Asher Sinclair. Those are stunning photographs and PM to Yaakov would probably yield some useful techniques.

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