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Thread: Where is Zone VI?

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    Where is Zone VI?

    I just got the Calumet Catalog. Most of the Zone VI hardware (enlarger controls , light meters etc) seems to have disappeared. Have I read it right? If so, to o bad. I have some of that stuff and it was worth the price.

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    Where is Zone VI?

    Yep, they are history. Yes, the equipment was well worth the price. Just see how well it sells on eBay. Also, remember Fred's lifetime guarantee. Caulmet will honor it!

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    Where is Zone VI?

    Zone VI modified Pentax Digital Spot Meters are still listed on the Calumet web site.

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    Where is Zone VI?

    Zone VI = Deep VI, too bad. Maybe some heads-up small company will see the hole in the market and provide some products to replace what is no longer available. Till then it's used or do without.

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    Where is Zone VI?

    I just received the Calumet fine art photography catalog and it had quite a bit of Zone VI stuff, primarily enlargers, but also the modified pentax light meters and some other items which do not come to mind right now. Calumet does not appear to have eliminated Zone VI -- not yet at least.

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    Where is Zone VI?

    Straight from Calumet's website:

    Product Speed Search Results One moment while we search for "zone VI"... Done. Elapsed time: 1.43 seconds.

    Items currently online that match your request: 159 Displaying items 1 through 20.

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    Where is Zone VI?


    After reading your question I went to Calumet site and I found all kinds of acessories for Zone VI enlarger and the enlarger itself in several versions !! I actually own this enlarger (type II) that I exchanged with the first version I bought first some years ago. I still think that it is one of the best large format enlargers available! Rh Designs from UK begin some weeks ago to sell their new version of the fstop enlarger timer dedicated to ZONE VI 5x7 VC head , and I read some were that this will be used by CALUMET to substitute the ZONE VI compensating enlarger timer . Perhaps this is a clear sign that this line of products is alive and well . I hope so!

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    Where is Zone VI?

    Where is Zone VI? Right between Zone V and Zone VII, where it's always been. You're welcome.

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    Where is Zone VI?

    Having grown up without electricity (That shows my age!) and thus not really computer literate, I never thought to check the Calumet Web site. Thanks. Glad to see some of Zone VI is still around. I was afraid it was going to follow all the rest of the photo material that seems to be disappearing.

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