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Thread: Nikkor-W 150/5.6

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    Nikkor-W 150/5.6

    I have a Nikkor-W 150/5.6. and a short question: Does it cover 5x7"? I know that the litterature states the coverage to be 210, which will be very tight on 5x7, but at the same time I know that some manufacturers are more conservative than others. Is the coverage OK for 5x7 with some tilt?

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    Re: Nikkor-W 150/5.6

    I believe even it covered 210mm, it would be very tight on 57.

    You can see above. even image circle is 210, it stated 45 format.

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    Re: Nikkor-W 150/5.6

    I have a 150mm f5.6 Symmar-S and it covers 5x7 nicely, with a teensy bit of movement. I assume the Nikkor-W is a very similar plasmat style lens.

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    Re: Nikkor-W 150/5.6

    The 150mm Nikkor-W will certainly "light up" 5x7 - at least, the one I have will. The question of "will it cover" is something of a matter of taste. It is a fine lens but it is noticibly softer in the corners of the 5x7 than even half way out from the center.

    There is, of course, no real probem with back tilt but you'll run out of light quickly with front movements.

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