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Thread: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Rhoades View Post
    Funny, I have a Leica that cost as much as a first born child. A Toyo that I like because it's long and has the rubber base. The one I use the most is a plastic Agfa that I spray painted the skirt black. It's cheap, handy, light and it's not rocket science.
    Hi Jim,

    Is that the large loupe that has the slide attachment at the bottom? The case is also round in shape about 5 plus inches long?

    Anyway, it's a GREAT loupe and is very easy on the eyes with extended use.

    I also use the Toyo loupe and a Horseman 7x model.

    My favorite version is the Toyo 3x but that may have to be upgraded to the 7x Horseman model as my eyes start worsening with time.

    Had one of the little Schnerider loupes but just couldn't get a good hold on them. So, off they went.

    Lots of different models out there... it's just a matter of what you get use to over time.

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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    I've got a Silvestri 6x. I like her swell!
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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    I am using currently Horizon 4x with square 50x50mm base. It is rather large one, but does the job perfectly. I used cheap Peak 8x with rectangular base before but it had no cotaings, field distortion and was sharp only in the middle. The horizon is also great on the light table. I like it.

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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    My first Loupe was the older schneider 4x, which I loved. Latter I bought the Toyo one thinking that because it was designed as view camera loupe it may perform better. But in use I always preferred the schneider. I later bought the Ebony handheld loupe which you have to focus by holding it at the right distance from the ground glass. I thought that it would be a weight / space saving good idea. Basically it didn't suit me either. I also tried a 6x Peak which was too much magnification for me. As I had my first schneider stolen I recently bought the new schneider 4 x which in hind site is well worth the investment.

    In summary the Schneider is by far my favorite to use on my 4x5

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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    The Horseman 6X long loupe.

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    Smile Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    I removed the lens housing from an old broken Paterson major focus finder and fitted it into a neat little plumbers fitting. After a little patient filling -millimeter by millimeter- to shorten the fitting, I got it to focus perfectly when placed in contact with the ground glass. Never cost me a bean and yet to be troubled by a focus issue.


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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    I also like the Silvestri, I have Rodenstocks, Schneiders and a Toyo. The Silvestri does th job wonerfully and is half the size of the rest, one of my best LF purchases...EC

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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    Capocheny; The Leica did have a slide base that's somewhere in my darkroom. Long lost to non-use. I use it on a light table for checking negatives. It never leaves the light table. It is great for checking sharpness on the film.

    For focusing a gritty ground glass any cheap plastic works for me.

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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    Toyo 3.6... the magnification is enough for me, and I *really* like that it has a rubber gasket on the bottom so there's no chance it'll screw up the ground glass. And the price is nice.

    (To summarize: ditto Darren.)

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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    I have one of the Toyo loupes, but I mostly use my Ebony handheld loupe now. I like the Toyo, the magnification was nice as was the extra length, but what I like about the Ebony is that it's very easy to see the corners with it. It also allows you to see a lot more of the ground glass at once, which I like.

    The obvious downside is that you focus by moving your hand. I just lean my hand against the frame of the camera to keep it still once I get the right distance, which I find by focusing on the grid lines on the ground glass.

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