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Thread: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Rhoades View Post
    Capocheny; The Leica did have a slide base that's somewhere in my darkroom. Long lost to non-use. I use it on a light table for checking negatives. It never leaves the light table. It is great for checking sharpness on the film.

    For focusing a gritty ground glass any cheap plastic works for me.
    Hi Jim,

    Thanks... it IS the same loupe then. It's a biggie alright.

    And, it's so easy on the eyes even with extended use.

    Life in the fast lane!

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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    Reading glasses considerably stronger than you need work well. And they are hands free!

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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    Sometimes myopic vision comes in handy. I can remove my glasses and get close enough to the ground glass to fine focus (I have 20/400 vision uncorrected). Seems to work well enough for me. At least I can't see the difference. I'm not sure if this is better than a loupe but I have use the agfa and another no name loupe. I've bid on the Toyo and Schneider but some people seem to think the used loupes are more expensive than new. I refuse to pay 80 to 90 percent of a new loupe. Sometimes when you add in the shipping and handling its cheaper to buy a new one.

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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    +3 reading, effective and hands free!

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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    The viewing lens of a broken Pentax spotmeter V.
    Distortion at the edges?
    Who cares about that, especially after Jim Galli has flooded the market with those Brass lenses?

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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    Id like to buy a Toyo 4x or 3.6x focusing loupe. Do any of you want to sell one? Thank you!


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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    Quote Originally Posted by ljsegil View Post
    I am wondering what people look for in a focusing loupe, what features help their picture taking or just make their lives easier. How much magnification seems optimal, is the ability to focus the loupe important, does the loupe need something to protect the ground glass, what or which have greater eye relief (eyeglass wearer). I'm just curious to hear about most anything that users find to be important in their louping experience, and what brands/types they find most satisfying.

    I have used qa pair of really strong prescription reading glasses.

    I have used a strong sert of jeweler's Optivisor magnifying heafd set.

    Now I use a Rodenstock 6x photographer's loupe exclusively.
    Drew Bedo

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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Bedo View Post
    I have used qa pair of really strong prescription reading glasses.

    I have used a strong sert of jeweler's Optivisor magnifying heafd set.

    Now I use a Rodenstock 6x photographer's loupe exclusively.
    How did you like the glasses and Optivisor?

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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    My favorite is discontinued, replaced by a clear base model, but the replacement could be blacked out. I bought last year...

    9X adjustable focus, very sturdy Made in USA

    9X Transparent Base Magnifier Edmunds Industrial

    I drilled a hole in base, using new shoelace to carry it around my neck

    9X solved my problem

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    Re: Favorite Focusing Loupe?

    I have two Toyos, one which focuses and one which doesn't otherwise apparently identical. Optics are MUCH better than the plastic Agfas et al.

    When I need to view edges or corners, I simply reverse the loupe and use my fingers as spacers to achieve correct distance to the GG. Is it a little frustrating? Yes, but I'll take it over not being able to see what's happening in those areas at all! I could make a skirt for this use to make the distance correct with the slight back edge in the way, but that would then mean taking it on and off, carrying it in a pocket (or maybe attaching by cord to the loupe, where it would undoubtedly a pain). I don't have the skills to make a collared extension that could fold against the loupe and fold out for use.
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