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Thread: Drum scanning troubles

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    Drum scanning troubles

    I know there are a few experts lurking here so here goes: I'm new to drum scanning and i've got a few issues i'm working on. I'm using a screen DTS 1030ai. First of all, my mounting station doesn't have a roller that drops down to press the mylar against the drum. I'm using kami mounting fluid and aztek overlay sheets.

    I don't understand why they sell tape for drum scanning that comes loose when the mounting fluid hits it! It's not a big issue unless i'm scanning 8x10's, then it's a pain trying to get the rest of the fluid applied before the tape on the leading edge of the overlay comes loose.
    Bubbles. I've got bubbles forming during long scan times ie 45minutes. I apply fluid on top and bottom of the original just like the Aztek video shows. Am using too much/too little fluid?
    Any tips/tricks for reducing bubbles and fluid lines on the ends of my originals near the end of the overlay sheet?


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    Re: Drum scanning troubles

    There are two tapes used only where appropriate in the wet mounting process. One is compatible with KAMI. Which one are you using?

    You do know that there is a Yahoo group devoted to Hi-end scanning.

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    Re: Drum scanning troubles

    Consider researching the archives at the Yahoo group ScanHi-End. There has been much discussion over the years about the best ways to make a good fluid mount. There has also been much discussion about Kami fluid. You aren't the first to have problems with it. You have to use the tape that's designed specifically for Kami mounting fluid, and Kami's very high evaporation rate has been the cause of bubbles in mounts during scanning. There are apparently some techniques to overcome this.

    I'm using the Prazio products (SDS in Europe and much of the rest of the world) so don't have any direct experience with Kami or Kami-related problems. I can tell you that I haven't had any of these problems myself, FWIW.

    Bruce Watson

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    Re: Drum scanning troubles

    Good experiences with Prazio products here as well, though I use the Aztek overlays.


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    Re: Drum scanning troubles

    Just started using Prazio, and honestly quite impressed with results. I am still not getting their anti-newton spray working that well, though probably something simple I have yet to figure out.


    Gordon Moat
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    Re: Drum scanning troubles

    I'll check the high-end scanning pages. Since i dropped a good chunk of change on a starter kit from aztec, i don't think i'll be switching to Prazio any time soon. Thanks for the tips so far.

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    Re: Drum scanning troubles

    I've worked on a Fuji drum scanner and I use regular 4mil mylar and mineral oil for mounting transparencies of all sizes. It takes a bit of skill to apply the right amount of oil as you roll the mylar down and secure it with tape.

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