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Thread: Linhof Technika V

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    Linhof Technika V

    hello everyone,

    recently i got a used technika V (4x5).

    the lever for front rise is made of metall, so i think it's a later modell. however i noticed that the geartrack on the front standard (front rise) is made of plastic.

    now i wonder if this is the case for other technikas(IV, master) as well and if there are any problems with this material compared to metall.

    it's seems strange to me, that linhof used plastic, which is prone to wear.
    maybe it can be replaced by metall spareparts?

    thank you for any insight


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    Re: Linhof Technika V

    hi pjotr,

    for the IV's and V's i believe all the gear tracks for front rise were made of plastic.
    and yes, with poor handling (screw not tightened enough) they are prone to wear.
    i had to replace them once on a technika IV since the previous owner had not treated them well.
    i don't know, but also don't think linhof changed that on the master models to anything else like metal.


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    Re: Linhof Technika V

    The track will loose teeth at the lower range of the rise, requiring you to "lift" the front with a gentle hand when you want to rise. Unless you want to keep replacing that $80 part.

    Probably a design flaw... Martin showed me himself and told me is wasn't worth replacing if it is just the bottom teeth like mine.

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