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Thread: asking for crop suggestions

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    asking for crop suggestions

    So, now I have a new wall for some print to hang on it. I have finished my work on one scan and now I can't decide which one to print... The first one (A) is in its (almost) original proportions. I like it, but now I'm sad that rain started and that I didn't had time to make better composition (to raise a camera just a little bit up to have a more of mountain's wall shown behind it) and better focusing (the first flowers are slightly out of focus). Well, what I have is what I can print. Scan is large, wall is large and photos are here:

    Crop A: original, could be printed as 70x95cm

    Crop B: cut off small bottom part of picture and little bit on right to get the ruin more out of center, can be printed as 70x100cm

    Crop C: huge crop - intention to get more focus on ruin... But I lost a lot of sky which gives a (lovely?) drama... can be printed as 70x125cm

    Tnx for your thoughts :))

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    Re: asking for crop suggestions

    I like the original best.

    Even the tiny crop of the second example foregrounds the ruin more and, to me, throws off the kind of calm resignation of the ruin.

    The 70 x 125 cm crop looses the dramatic cloud formation that the roof directs my eye to see.

    The original seems to form a triangle; the ruin grabs your eye, the root sends it to the cloud formation and then it drops down to the basin in the mountains; then back to the ruin.

    Cropping seems to make it more dynamic and closer to the viewer.

    My 2 centavos...

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    Re: asking for crop suggestions

    I also like the original best; all of the elements of the composition seem to balance well, clouds, ruin, mountains and foreground.

    Very nice work!

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    Re: asking for crop suggestions

    Soybeans and corn are always popular. Other cash crops come to mind, but I'd rather stay on this side of the law.

    Oh, and the photo...
    The last one has fewer distracting elements. Works for me.

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    Re: asking for crop suggestions

    I like all 3 because they each have a different characteristic. If in fact you did not have such draw with the ruin then it might matter a whole lot more then it does to me.

    I do think the 1st one really tells the story of the ruin and the land better then the other 2.

    I like them all.


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    Re: asking for crop suggestions

    All three are great, but I like #2 the best.

    There you go, everyone has a different opinion. Aren't you glad you asked. Grin.
    When I grow up, I want to be a photographer.

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    Doug Dolde

    Re: asking for crop suggestions

    I'd leave it as is.

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    Re: asking for crop suggestions

    (IMHO) Most images can be improved by a little judicious cropping, but if it's not clear how to do it, then leave it alone.
    Wilhelm (Sarasota)

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    Re: asking for crop suggestions

    Brilliant shot.All 3 work for me.I'd keep the aspect ratio the same as others in the series if applicable.Would you mind sharing the technical details of the shot?

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    Re: asking for crop suggestions

    Crop A The Original

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