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    Question LF groups

    Hey there, I'm looking for LF groups that get together in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. Are there any groups in this area that get together for LF or LF combined with digital? Me and the cameras are getting kinda lonely...Matt.

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    Re: LF groups

    Matt, call Jim at Midwest in Columbus. He can tell you about groups in Cleveland.

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    Re: LF groups


    I am in Bath (between Cleveland and Akron) and shoot 8x10 and 7x17 in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a mile from my house. A friend in Chagrin Falls shoots 8x10 with me occasionally. Another friend in Oberlin shoots 4x5 and brings along his son who shoots 35mm. I will PM my phone number. Maybe we can find a mutual interest.


    Correction, I see in your profile that you don't accept email or PMs. Click on my name to see my profile, then send me a PM with your phone number.

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