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Thread: A View Camera Festival - Portland, Oregon

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    A View Camera Festival - Portland, Oregon

    I would like to make the following announcement:

    Together with ProPhoto Supply, Portland State University, and the Photo Americas event, the Portland Photographers' Forum (PPF) is sponsoring a


    This is a two day event, on Friday & Saturday, October 6th & 7th, 2000. The pric e for both days is $40 (Fourty Dollars.) This covers both days. Please send ch ecks to:

    PPF, P.O.Box 5643, Portland, OR. 97228.

    Payment in advance preferred, but not required.

    All profits go to grants to support local area photographers. For information, c ontact Robert Brummitt at 503-614-0161 (Robert8x10@Hotmail.COM) or myself at 503-359-7812 during the evenings.

    *********************************** FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6TH.

    7:00AM: Registration. Preload film for The Great Portland Shootout.

    8:00AM: Doors open. Introductions.

    9-11AM: Shoot Out, concluding w/group photo at Benson House (PSU) LUNCH (Not Pro vided)

    12:30PM: Charley Cramer, Color/Digital Dye-Transfer.

    2:00PM: Ilford Rep. Nelson Schhmitz Q&A

    3:00PM: Stu Levy, Black & White Grid Portraits

    4-6PM: Panel Discussion, "Digital in Fine Art & Commercial Photography."

    7-9PM: ASMP Discussion, "When, and When Not To Use Digital Photography. Guest Sp eaker, Greg Ross

    *********************************** SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7th.

    8:00AM Jack Wiles, Oregon Parks & Recreation

    9:30-12PM: Greg Ross, Commercial Photographer.

    LUNCH (Not Provided)

    1:00PM: John Wimberley, Black & White/Pyro.

    2:30PM: Adam Bacher, Color/ High Altitude Mountain Photography

    3:30PM: Takako Wastman, Platinum/Hand Coloring

    4:30PM: Fuji Rep, Gary Scott Q&A.

    5:30-6PM: Closing, Farewells.

    PPF is a non-profit organization supporting photography in the Portland metro ar ea. (Speakers subject to change.)

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    A View Camera Festival - Portland, Oregon

    pro photo is surely one of the finest professional photography suppliers in the nation, and i rely on them regularly for many specialty products, as well as reliable technical information. i applaud their efforts to support this LF festival, and i know it will be an enjoyable and educational experience for all. thanks, guys!

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