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Thread: Re-grinding Linhof cams

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    Re-grinding Linhof cams

    I recently saw a 90mm Technika cam for sale for next to nothing, which of course is not for a 90 I just bought. I was wondering whether there is any advantage to buying this one, and having Marflex regrind it for me at a discount, or whether he will still charge me the 150 to do it. What are the chances that a cam is not re-usable/transferrable at all? In the end, it's not even that a cam for a 90 matters THAT much, wide as the lens is, but I was curious. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Re-grinding Linhof cams

    Call and ask him. It is possible to hammer a cam so it's thinner and regrind it. Somewhere on APUG, Roger Hicks mentions someone who does this. Part of the camming charge is itemized to include the blank cam, so it may be possible to save a few bucks this way, if they are willing.

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    Re: Re-grinding Linhof cams

    Focus on infinity, set your stops and try the cam, comparing the gg to the rangefinder at different distances. You may be pleasantly suprised.

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    Re: Re-grinding Linhof cams

    I have a 150mm cam and I have three 150mm lens just minor adjustment between them and since I do not really rely on the rangefinder it does not really matter to me , I prefer to use ground glass:
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    Re: Re-grinding Linhof cams

    I do not think that Marflex will make cams for you, but Richard Ritter made one for a new lens I had mounted on my camera which worked very well.

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    Re: Re-grinding Linhof cams

    Quote Originally Posted by John Z. View Post
    I do not think that Marflex will make cams for you, but Richard Ritter made one for a new lens I had mounted on my camera which worked very well.
    Marflex makes cams. They are the sole authorized service center for Linhof in the USA and the sole source for Linhof repair parts - like cams.

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