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Thread: Cable releases.

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    Cable releases.

    I can't believe I'm asking about such a cheap accessory, but here we go. Until now I've been making do with a really crappy cable release. It's very stiff and thus prone to imparting vibration from my hands to the front standard. It hasn't affected any of my shots really, but that's mainly because I've gone through some annoying routines to stabilize it. Time for an upgrade.

    Unfortunately all of the local stores just carry the crappy kind that I currently have, and of course electronic releases for modern 35mm / DSLRs.

    What would you order from badger graphic as a nice, floppy upgrade to this stiff little bastard?

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    Re: Cable releases.

    If you can find one I highly recommend an air release. It is like the old fashioned one for a packard shutter only a smaller bulb and a device that has a typical cable release style attachment. You normally get about 6 metres of tubing but you can make the tubing as short as you like. I use mine as a 1 metre length cable/air release. Zero movement.

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    Re: Cable releases.

    I'm fond of Gepe Professionals because my #5 Universals demand a long throw, but they aren't floppy, My floppy cable releases are Minettes from Calumet, one is a cable coated with clear vinyl, the other is a zippy red fabric covered model. Niether will reliably fire my #5 Universals, so they see action on my copal shuttered Nikkor and Schneider lenses, or on my medium format and 35mms. They are delightfully floppy though! BTW, Zeiss disc locks rock!
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    Re: Cable releases.

    Talk to Jim at Midwest and buy an Ebony cable release. There are a couple lengths and made very well...EC

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    Re: Cable releases.

    I agree with Evan. The Ebony is the nicest accessory I've added lately. Works with every shutter I have, including my cantenkerous old Ilex #4. Beautiful rich feel and smooth as a baby's butt.
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    Re: Cable releases.

    A second vote for the Minette from Calumet. I have three (all 12") and all seem to be fine with my older shutters including Ilex, Compound, and Alphax.

    I also have a Linhof and a Gepe. Both are very nicely made but are a bit stiffer than the Minette.

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    Re: Cable releases.

    As I'm unfamiliar with Minette, I had a quick look on the Calumet website for them. They do not show up at all. In fact, when I bring up a list of all their available cable releases, there's nothing that shows as being similar in name at all. Is this a brand they no longer carry, perhaps?

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    Re: Cable releases.

    I have found that cable releases are manufactured mostly anomously in China and get branded by the distributors, therefore it is possible to find high-quality cable releases under many different "brands"..often the same release with different price points.

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    Re: Cable releases.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gene McCluney View Post
    I have found that cable releases are manufactured mostly anomously in China and get branded by the distributors, therefore it is possible to find high-quality cable releases under many different "brands"..often the same release with different price points.
    Gepe releases as well as Linhof and Kaiser releases are all made in Germany. Even though they are distributed by us.

    So your statement refers to some cable releases but not all cable releases.

    The ones we sell from these companies are very easy to find and their quality is reliable and repeatable.

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    Re: Cable releases.

    Gepe for my Ilex #5's. A variety of releases for my Copals, Betax, RB67, etc.

    If you have a good shop locally, it makes sense to show up with your lens and board and try out a couple.


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