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Thread: Update from J&C

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    Update from J&C

    Here is the latest:

    J&C Update

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    Re: Update from J&C

    sadly no surprise
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    Re: Update from J&C

    When a good thing goes bad everybody suffers, a person can't just do business and it knocks the guts out of a guy who tries. I give John the highest praise for his valiant effort to provide the supplies necessary for the continuance of the craft. Now that he has withdrawn I wish the people who were more than happy to sue will get theirs. I will wonder for years what happened to John and why the customers couldn't have helped. One Paypal account for a defense fund could have secured JandC's existence for years to come. With no communication no one could help and now it's time to put it behind and move on.

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    Re: Update from J&C

    This is unfortunate, but is still in business. I had no problem purchasing from them before J&C opened up, and I'll continue to do so. I used to batch orders with a couple of local friends who also had an interest in East European films to save on shipping, and I never got hit with customs charges in the US. Mirko has good English and you can inquire about anything that isn't in the catalogue, like an unusual sheet film size, and he can usually arrange to get it, just as J&C used to.

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    Re: Update from J&C

    Now that's good to know, thanks for the info David.

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    Re: Update from J&C

    That is very, very sad.

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    Re: Update from J&C

    WTF? Seriously...

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    Re: Update from J&C

    Very sad.

    Dare I ask about the lawsuits?

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    Re: Update from J&C

    As a (now former) small business owner, I bought as much as I could afford from John, in principle if nothing else, this bodes very badly for the small guys...


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    Re: Update from J&C

    This is a sad blow to all things analog. I'm sorry to hear of it. I enjoyed every dealing with J&C and always felt I was supporting the kind of mom and pop grass roots organization that film will ultimately become.
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