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    Smile Another From Boston area

    From The State of Ma. and now live just north of boston about 20mins, was a freelance photographer back in the 70's to the 80's, got a new family let it go for a while : Now its time for me to get the rust out on the system, Have restarted via Digital and went back to film via Hassey, but have always tought of 4x5 or 5x4 depending where your from!, have an old Kodak Pony Premo #6 that got me thinking about large format work, Yes there is more work in doing 4x5 view cameras than with Digital 35mm and more than just shooting Medium format, The large format gives a true control over the Negative in all aspects, and to the final print:

    I do have the Bug in a small way just bought a Rodenstock-Sironar 150mm F5.6 and a Linhof technica III also got a Zeiss Ikon 150mm F4.5 to compare with on the linhof
    also plan to do a little with the Pony have gotten some extra lens from different Older Kodak cameras to play with, Since I only have me and two cats to worry about I got plenty of time to enjoy life with:

    Look, Watch and shoot:

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    Re: Another From Boston area

    Welcome to group therepy!

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    Re: Another From Boston area

    And another welcome from the Upper Connecticut River Valley.

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