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Thread: Photogenic sites in New Mexico?

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    Photogenic sites in New Mexico?

    My parents moved to Albuquerque about a year and a half ago, and when I go to vi sit them the first week of October, 2000, it will be the first opportunity I wil l have had to really spend time making photographs in NM. I'd like get out and make some LF landscape photos while I'm there, and would appreciate recommendati ons from anyone familiar with NM for sites and subjects that would be worthwhile , preferably not more than a few hours from Albuquerque. I have been to the Bos que del Apache, and White Sands may be too far. I will be attending the annual balloon festival one day (using only 35mm), but would like to hear other recomme ndations as well. I'm open to shooting both the well-known and the out-of-the w ay areas.

    Thank you for any recommendations you can provide.


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    Photogenic sites in New Mexico?

    If you like aspens, they should still be good at lower elevations in the Sangres, around Red River and Eagle's Nest. Should be nice color up around Chama, and always nice color in the Mesozoic rocks between Abiqueque (sp?) and Ghost Ranch, northwest of Espanola.

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    Photogenic sites in New Mexico?

    El Morro National Monument, Chaco Canyon, Acoma Pueblo, Gila National Monument.

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    Photogenic sites in New Mexico?

    Dan: What subjects do you like? B&W? Color? Try Tent Rocks. It's has a narrow canyon and is near the Cochiti Pueblo about 50min. north of Albuquerque. Very accessible and some great photographic subjects in B&W or color. You really can't go wrong anywhere in NM. Let me know where you went and how you liked it. Good luck. Dave

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    Photogenic sites in New Mexico?

    I don't necessarily agree with Dan Smith's comments. If you are relatively new to art or photography or large format, you might do well by re-photographing subjects shot by acknowledged masters. For instance the church at Rancho do Taos as been photographed by all the "brand name" masters each in a different way. No reason on earth not to try it your way or some one else's way just for practice.

    Besides, the church is re plastered every year or so and always comes out looking a little different itself.

    Some people assimilate and synthesize by imitating. Nothing wrong with that as long as you realize the process.
    John Hennessy

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    Photogenic sites in New Mexico?


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    Photogenic sites in New Mexico?

    Taos, Ranchos de Taos, try the high or the low road from Taos to Santa Fe, Chaco Canyon, Bandelier Nat'l Monument, White Sands Nat'l Monument, Canyon de Chelley, etc. Stop in and see Dick Sullivan at Bostick and Sullivan, Albuquerque; I'm sure he'll make plenty of recommendations.

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    Photogenic sites in New Mexico?

    You might want to try the petroglyphsto the west of ABQ. The road to the North of ABQ that goes through Cerillos and mAdrid on the way to Santa Fe is also interesting (I don't remember the number). South of ABQ there are some dramatic desert mountain ranges, specifically the Ladrones North of Socorro. If you are willing to go as far south as Socorro you could take 64 to Magadlena and beyond: The plains of Saint Augistine have a very wide open feel which is made surreal by the presence of an array of large radio-telescopes. The Gila has some incredible and little visited spots, but it is worth a separate trip.


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    Photogenic sites in New Mexico?

    My two cents worth: West of ABQ on the interstate go to Acoma Pueblo. Restrictions on cameras apply; no tripods at all, but the pueblo is neat. North of Santa Fe San Ildefonso, a charming puebo. Taos: Taos Pueblo, the above mentioned church; church at Las Trampas. Also: an alternate project is to photograph contemporary New Mexico in ABQ, Santa Fe, etc. In 30 years or less those contemporary areas will evoke the good ol' days nostalgia that the historcally photgenic areas now evoke. In other words become your own Paul Strand and Ansel Adams a nd photgraph your time. Alex Harris: Red, White and Blue in NM (imprecise title, but Phot caries it give syou idea of what you might try. Enjoy the state. Your parents live in a wonderful area. Bob

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    Photogenic sites in New Mexico?

    The real answer: just about every square inch of the state. The suggestion on looking at how New Mexicans of from 10-20 years ago and now have re-interpreted traditional forms for their homes, stores, churches is an excellent one. If you had the time to go past Taos all the way to the Raton Pass and then turned back to New Mexico, you are eyeballing one of the extraordinary landscapes-I would submit-in all the world.

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