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Thread: Schneideritis -- There is a "cure," but is it worth it?

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    Schneideritis -- There is a "cure," but is it worth it?

    I have a Schneider MC Symmar-S 150mm lens. It's a great lens; sharp, easy to tote about the landscape...I love it, but I recently picked up a 180mm and the focal length suits me better (I'm not a big fan of cropping down), so I want to sell the 150.

    That said, the lens is in the early stages of "Scneideritis." There are maybe 8 randomly spaced bubbles where the front element sits in the barrel. This condition obvoiusly has no affect on the images it produces, but there seems to be a perception that the lens is "defective" as a result of the Schneideritis by prospective buyers.

    Enter Schneider Optics...For a not so paltry sum of $150 (considering the monetary value of this lens), the fine people at Schndeider are willing to restore it to its original beauty.

    So, my question...Is it worth the price to "fix" what is essentially a cosmetic imperfection for the sake of fetching a better resale price?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and perspective.

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    Re: Schneideritis -- There is a "cure," but it is worth it?

    Isn't this a cost-benefit thing?

    Estimate the sale price if you do not fix it.
    Estimate the sale price if it is fixed.
    Is the difference $150? If it isn't, then it isn't worth it to fix the lens; just sell it as-is.
    And for the $150, do you get a full CLA with shutter and iris service, a full cleaning and re-alignment?


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    Re: Schneideritis -- There is a "cure," but is it worth it?

    If it were a lens I was going to keep, I think I'd spend $150 to make it 100% because I'm a fussbudget about my gear. But it is economically irrational to spend $150 plus time and shipping for a lens that may only have a resale of $300-$350 if perfect, and maybe $200-$250 with moderate Schneideritis.

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    Re: Schneideritis -- There is a "cure," but is it worth it?

    I see no good reason to fix something that will not affect the optical performance of the lens.

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    Re: Schneideritis -- There is a "cure," but is it worth it?

    What you have sounds VERY slight as far as this condition goes. I'd sell it with an indication that it has very slight Schneideritis that has no effect on the image, of course. That isn't going to drive your value down $150.

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    Re: Schneideritis -- There is a "cure," but is it worth it?

    Agreed -- why bother with a cosmetic repair that you can't recapture the cost of at a later sale? Might make some sense if you have a significant sentimental attachement to it and never plan on selling it.

    Jack Flesher

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    Re: Schneideritis -- There is a "cure," but is it worth it?

    Hi Mark,

    DO NOT put any more money into it, especially if you are going to sell it. It doesn't make sense financially, even if you were to keep it. Also, be certain to isolate the affected lens- Schneideritis is highly contagious, and you wouldn't want your other lenses to become infected!
    Brian Vuillemenot

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    Re: Schneideritis -- There is a "cure," but is it worth it?

    Thank goodness I've had Model A Fords around the place since I was 13. I've learned to ignore funny taps and rattles and I carry that over to my Schneider lenses. Ignore the bubbles. They don't hurt a thing. They certainly don't devalue the lens $150 imnsho.

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    Re: Schneideritis -- There is a "cure," but is it worth it?

    I've learned to ignore funny taps and rattles
    Classic car philosophy in un-adulterated form I find a little alabama chrome (duct tape) helps smooth out the cars little issues ( mere hours ago a quick induction fix ), for my 2 schneider lenses I think if they work why touch them. If it really is that bad buy a new one and swallow the cost for getting the perfect factory fresh optic.

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    Re: Schneideritis -- There is a "cure," but is it worth it?

    You could probably just take the glass out and sell the shutter for about as much as the whole thing.

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