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Thread: Largest LF camera mfg.?

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    Largest LF camera mfg.?

    I'm doing some market research for a large format accessory product, and was won dering if anyone had any hard facts about the following: Who is the largest man ufacturer of LF cameras in the U.S., and in the world? I suspect the answer to the former may be Wisner and the latter may be Sinar or perhaps Linhof, but I th ought someone may actually have some hard data.


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    Largest LF camera mfg.?

    I would say that Calumet is in there some place. But, I don't really have data on this.

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    Largest LF camera mfg.?

    Probably the maker of most of Calumet's Cameras: Cambo which is now owned by Calumet. Sinar, Linhof and Toyo would also figure prominently too, as would Arca Swiss, Wisner, Horseman and Canham.

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    Largest LF camera mfg.?

    Cambo and Toyo are the largest worldwide.

    Linhof, Sinar, Toyo, Wista and Cambo are all considerbly larger then any US manufacturer.

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