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Thread: Contacting realtor for building access

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    Contacting realtor for building access

    I've come across some old industrial buildings in my town which are vacant and have For Sale signs on them. I'd like to contact the realtor to see if I can get inside for some photographs (one of the buildings is where my grandfather retired from.) For those who have done this, what approaches worked and what didn't?


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    Re: Contacting realtor for building access

    Generally they are very busy people without much interest in art and trying to make a living. You need to offer them something that benefits them. Guess what they need?

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    Re: Contacting realtor for building access

    Although it would be morally wrong, you might represent a potential buyer. A temporary phone number might be helpful.

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    Re: Contacting realtor for building access

    One practical problem with posing as a potential buyer would be that it wouldn't be very believable if you had to spend a lot of time setting up a large format camera!

    If you said that you wanted pictures to show someone, that may be believable, but any "regular" person would expect you to pull out a slr or some other camera that would not need a tripod.

    If you where up front about what you are doing, maybe you could offer them a print for their office if they where not eager to help out.

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