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Thread: wall mounting enlarger

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    wall mounting enlarger

    Another question in relation to my previous posting"Which enlarger", I understan d that the Saunders/LPL 7451 has a shorter column than the 7452, but I have seen a used 7451 with wall mounting bracket for less than half the new price. Is wal l mounting a good idea?? I would be able to mount it to a sound wall, not stud p artition, so vibration shouldn't(??) be a problem. Any views experience on align ment problems or anything else I've overlooked?? In my original post I forgot to mention that my budget for equipment essentials is approx #2000 (pounds)ie enla rger, lens, print easel, timer etc. Thanks again Paul

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    wall mounting enlarger

    Paul, Wall mounting can work very well and is probably one of the most solid of mounts. It does need to be on a sturdy wall and one which doesn't shake if someone walks across the floor or if the wife starts up the washing machine. If you own the house or intend to live there for a while I would't hesitate to buy a wall mount.


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    wall mounting enlarger

    Sorry to sound as though I'm on commision from them, but last time I looked on their webpage MrCad had a fair ammount of darkroom kit avaliable. i'd recomend dropping in personally though if you're down Croydon way. Though I'd spend money on this order best lens you can afford, sturdiest enlarger (you may be able to pick up an old one that's built like a brick shithouse for very little), a 4-bladed easle, if you want a perfect straight edge around the print, else go to your local glassworks and get a large piece of glass made up slightly larger than your largest print size, and have it put on a hindge fixed to a bit of wood. As for timer its best to shop around to find one you prefer. One thing to consider, you said you use a communal darkroom (If I remember right), ask there as they may be able to help you.

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    wall mounting enlarger

    Wall mounting is fine as long as the wall is a proper wall. In my experience vibration is unlikely to be a problem for most people using LF because, most of the time, the degree of enlargement is modest anyway. I assume, as you are talking in # sterling, that you are in the U.K. So are we. We're in Bradford (look on the map, it's about 200 miles from civilisation) and we have a Durst 5x4 wall-mounted enlarger which we might sell, at a reasonable price - let me know if you are interested & I'll speak to my business partner.

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