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Thread: Cooke series Viib 5 1/4 (133mm)

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    Cooke series Viib 5 1/4 (133mm)

    Just bought this lens, and would like to know more about it. The lens is in a Ilex shutter, which is kind of strange, after reading some of the earlier posts.

    Anyone used this particular focal length? seems 158mm is more popular? What is your opinion on this lens? Is it the same construction as Wide Field Ektar or Wide Angle Raptar?



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    Re: Cooke series Viib 5 1/4 (133mm)

    Hi Wenbiao,

    Two things: did you check out the info pages of Seth's He has a brochure of Cooke lenses online and your lens will be in it.
    Another things: I copied the following out of the LVM, maybe it helps?

    Series V11b EISTAL f6.5/f11 This was the 'new' Gauss version to overtake the V11 and was f6.5 to focus and f16 or less to shoot. It seems to have been introduced early in the 1920's, certainly by 1924. It was made typically in 63-222mm in 1935, and the shortest was for 6x9cm as on the 'Envoy' camera post WW2 (see B.J.A. 1951, p487 advert.), and this size could have actually been added later than 1935 or been in intermittent supply- it is there in B.J.A. 1928, p606 for example. Series VIIb covers 90°at f16 and 100° at f32 and these apertures were suggested for use over these angles. A lens No12,49x at 4.5in was used on 1/2plate. Normally 6.25in was used for 10x8 and 135mm for 1/1plate. Some were coded ANGLIC, probably in later lists, and it was made coated after WW2 and into the 1950's. It was seen at No 125,08x uncoated
    4.18in, and Nos 310,39x in 5.25in; and 382,41x and 459,60x in 4.25in, these being coated lenses. These are fairly common coated ('a hard durable coating') as they were wanted postwar by professionals, and sold well:
    many are front mounted in Compur shutters, but this may be by repairers, rather than by TTH themselves as there is no mention of this in the advert. (see also Envoy). Results with these today can still be excellent if in good condition as they are sharp and contrasty. They may be the best of the Gauss lenses of this general type. It still featured in the last advert. noted in B.J.A. 1955, p495 as follows:
    2.5in 63mm 4.25x3.25in at f16.
    This was offered for many years prewar but were not always listed postwar. It was used on the Envoy wide angle camera however. (B.J.A. 1926, p650). One point may be that purchase tax was levied on amateur products which were sizes up to and including 6x9cm, and this part of the market was therefore unduly expensive since it was a heavy tax burden for a product to carry.
    3.25in focus 82mm for 5x4in at f16 1.25in flange
    4.25in 108mm 7x5in 1.25in
    5.25in 133mm 8.5x6.5in 1.25in
    6.25in 158mm 10x8in 1.5in
    8in 203mm 12x10in 1.75in
    8.75in 222mmm 14x11in 2.25in This was in 1931, not in 1929 or postwar.
    Note that the lens was rated for these formats when used at f16, for 90°, at f32 it covers 100°. The coverages seem the same in 1929 as in 1955.

    So, your lens is a Gauss lens, was intended for 8.5x6.5in at f16 and someone must have been happy enough with it to put it in that Ilex shutter. Be glad, now you have the lens in shutter and you do not need to go out and find one. Enjoy, sounds like a great lens.

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    Re: Cooke series Viib 5 1/4 (133mm)

    Thanks medform-norm for the information!

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    Re: Cooke series Viib 5 1/4 (133mm)

    I have been particularly interested in the Cooke Taylor-Hobson VIIb wideangle anastigmats ever since I first saw the tiny little 82 mm, which I don't have. However I have aquired a mysterious 133 mm engraved f/ 6,3 (not 6,5) in barrel which I have put in a linhof board thornton pickard shutter rebuilt from parts. (actually I bought it mistakedly listed as an 82mm) I also have a 108mm and a 158 mm both in shutters. Would it be reasonable to have Grimes put it in a small shutter, then serial number on the f-stop ring would be gone, considering it may be an unique misengraved lens and thus be an interesting collectors item ? There are some other treads concerning this particular lens. They really should start making a new batch of it.


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    Re: Cooke series Viib 5 1/4 (133mm)

    Sweet lens and hard to find in full plate size. It would likely just squeak around 10X8 at f64 like my 135mm f13.5 Wollensak does. The 158 is most common. I have 6 1/4, 8, and 8 3/4" in the VIIb.
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