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I think some improved organization might be beneficial. I find much the same with my office. However I still function when it's in disarray. Splitting the article into different sections might make it clearer. But as a relative beginner to LF, and a voracious reader, I'm just going to read those other sections anyway. It seems somewhat arbitrary to assume the beginner is going to like being told what *not* to think about. I'd want to know that there were other lenses besides the 210 that came with my monorail, so I can start seeing the possibilities. And also know the pitfalls, so that I don't rush out and buy every lens size under the sun (and in this dream, money grows on trees and I have my very own pony.).

So sure, organize the article if it works better. What I'd *really* like is more information on just about everything, and I'll tidy it up in my mind if I have to.
I agree whole heartedly with his sentiments, found it informative & interesting; saving it to file (mht) for closer reading. I have been giving longer lens more than passing glances so the section on barrel & shutters is an excellent addition worthy of inclusion.